Serves: 2

Tilapia Fish Tacos with Tomatillo Salsa Verde

Serves: 2

2 tomatillos, husked and roughly chopped
1/2 bunch fresh cilantro, stems removed
4 Tbl. fresh lime juice (from 2 limes)
2 Tbl. olive oil, divided
1/4 tsp. cumin Kosher salt and cracked black pepper
1/4 small head red cabbage, thinly sliced(about 11⁄2 cups)
1/4 jalapeño chili(seeds removed for less heat), minced
2 boneless, skinless tilapia fillets
6 six-inch corn tortillas


1. Preheat the oven to broil, with the rack set 4 to 6 inches from the heat.
2. In a food processor or blender, combine tomatillos, cilantro, 2 Tbl. lime juice, 1 Tbl. olive oil and cumin. Blend until smooth. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Set salsa verde aside.
3. In a small mixing bowl, mix together the remaining 2 Tbl. lime juice, 1 Tbl. olive oil, shredded cabbage and jalapeño; mix with salt and pepper. Set red cabbage slaw aside.
4. Place tilapia fillets on a lined baking sheet and season generously with salt and pepper.
5. Broil until opaque throughout, about 5 minutes; using a fork, break up into small pieces.
6. Meanwhile, use tongs to toast tortillas over a gas flame until lightly toasted, about 30 seconds per side. Or, using damp paper towels, wrap a stack of tortillas and microwave for 1 minute or until warm and soft.
7. To serve, fill tortillas with broiled tilapia and cabbage slaw; then top with tomatillo salsa verde.
Recipe courtesy of Kelsey Nixon, host of Cooking Channel’s Kelsey’s Essentials

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The Nest Winter 2011

Photos By: Hector Sanchez
Photo By: Hector Sanchez

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