10 Best DIY Kitchen & Bath Ideas from Pinterest

blackboard walls kitchen
Modern DIY ideas for kitchen and bath from Pinterest

The kitchen and bath may be the two most utilitarian rooms in your home—but that doesn't mean they should be any less beautiful. Check out a few of our favorite DIY solutions from Pinterest that'll also add serious style to these hard-working spaces.

Hanging Tool Storage

Save on drawer space—and give yourself easy access—by mounting simple towel bars to hang your tools above the counter where you do most of your prep work. Bonus points if you paint the wall with chalkboard paint so you can jot down meal ideas and grocery lists.


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Constellation Table Runner

This embroidered table runner, via DesignSponge, adds a starry night vibe to your kitchen table or counters. If you're into needlework, it's a pretty simple project, especially since there's a transferrable pattern to follow.


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Geometric Stenciled Floors

Designer and blogger Jessica Davis gave her kitchen floor a high-end upgrade—doesn't it look just like expensive tile?—with nothing more than paint, a stencil and (full disclosure) a whole lot of elbow grease.


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Brass-Handled Tray

A marble tray is so chic and perfect for serving cheese and charcuterie. And—score!—it's super easy to make. Blogger Molly of Almost Makes Perfect used industrial strength glue to adhere brass drawer pulls to a single marble tile.


Photo: Pinterest

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

You won't believe the before photos of this tiny kitchen, which was cursed with some pretty dated looking oak cabinets. Now repainted a pretty blue-gray hue, they have a totally modern look. New, minimalist brushed brass hardware, including extra-long drawer pulls that double as towel racks, adds a little warmth to the space.


Photo: Pinterest

Sunburst Detail Light Fixture

Blogger Pam of Simple Details Are the Difference replaced her standard flush mount light with this glam DIY for just $45. Hint: The hack involves a mirror frame and a simple globe-style ceiling light. How great would this look in a bathroom or powder room?

Photo: Pinterest

Subway Tile Framed Mirror

There's nothing like the clean simplicity of white subway tile. If you're renting, or just not up for remodeling your entire bathroom quite yet, this is a genius way to incorporate the look into your bath. Blogger Erin of Earnest Home Co. made this custom mirror for $30 in 30 minutes (really!) by gluing 2"x4" tiles to a frameless mirror.


Photo: Pinterest

Block-Printed Shower Curtain

Making your own custom stamp is actually super simple. Molly, of Almost Makes Perfect, crafted hers out of a wood block and adhesive-backed craft foam, then used it to create a graphic ombre design on a scarf and dinner napkins. Why not try the same technique on a simple white shower curtain?


Photo: Pinterest

Confetti-Painted Walls

Doesn't this cool, abstract pattern look like wallpaper? Designer Jenny Komenda, of Little Green Notebook, created the design with nothing but random lengths of painter's tape! Paired with black tile and brass accents, her guest bath now feels like an Art Deco den.


Photo: Pinterest

Tree Branch Towel Rack

Made from a real tree branch, this towel bar adds a natural, rustic touch to the bathroom. Brittany, AKA Pretty Handy Girl, just cut, sanded and finished her branch before mounting it to the wall with brackets.