10 Bills to Cut Today

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  1. Your Cell Phone Bill

    Keep your bill low by avoiding extra fees and charges (i.e., don’t dial 411 for information, which can charge up to a $1.99 for each curious call; text Google instead). Sign up for a family plan with your spouse or family members you're always yakking with, and take a few minutes to scan your monthly bill. Do you really use all of those "anytime minutes" you pay for? Do you really need a separate cash-guzzling ring-tone for every person in your contact list?

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  2. Your Dry Cleaning Bill

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    Get a great spot remover pen and home dry-cleaning kit that you can use on high-quality fabrics. You won’t have to take that suit jacket or wool pencil skirt to the dry cleaner after just one wearing because you splashed a bit of soup on it.

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  3. Your Heating Bill

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    First, block all drafts so that you’re not blowing hot air out the window. Next, only have heat where you need heat. It’s much cheaper to heat up just your living room than it is to heat your whole house. If you’re watching TV in the evening, use an electric blanket on the sofa or choose a portable space heater to warm just one area or room at a time. There are two types: Radiant heaters are great for just one or two people and convection heaters do the job for a group.

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  4. Your Mortgage Bill

    Interest rates continue to drop so you might consider refinancing. If you have an ARM and won’t be able to afford any hefty increases that come when rates rise, you might consider locking in a fixed rate in the next six months.

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  5. Your Internet Bill

    Buy in bulk -- it’s not just a good idea for your groceries, but for your cable, Internet, and phone plan, too. If you buy all three from a local carrier, they will give you all three at a greater discount than each alone. If you live in an apartment or condo building, consider sharing the cost of a wireless signal with one of your neighbors.

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  6. Your Gas Bill

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    Don’t buy premium gas -- you could save up to 30 cents a gallon. Your auto manual might still call for it, but if you research online, you’ll find that you can still use a lower octane gas. It’s not bad for the engine, so you and your car will never be the wiser.

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  7. Your Water Bill

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    If you have a home where the water pipes run underground or in the open air, insulate them. You can lose a ton of heat while the water travels. And the good news is, insulation doesn’t go bad. When it comes to the water you drink, buy a water filter to attach to your faucet instead of buying bottled water. It’s an up-front expense that will save you dough.

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  8. Your Insurance Bills

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    Do your research online and investigate the best deals for auto, home, life, health, and more. Have you checked to see you’re paying the least you can? Lower auto insurance just by taking a safety course and having your car’s VIN # etched into the windows (seriously!). And if you’re paying health insurance out of pocket, check yearly to see if you can lower your costs for records of good health.

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  9. Your Electric Bill

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    Clean or replace filters for anything that heats or cools around your house once a month. Why? If they get blocked, you lose all your efficiency. Use a vacuum to clean the coils inside the front grill of your refrigerator, so it works more efficiently and doesn't cost you more cash. Also clean the lint collector in your dryer as well as the hot air duct leading out of the house. (Or just skip the dryer in warm weather altogether!)

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  10. Your Credit Card Bill

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    The Fed cut interest rates back in 2008, so it's a great time to call your credit card company and ask for a reduced interest rate.There's an easier way to cut down on your monthly bill: Stop spending! Oh, you’ve heard that one before, no?

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