10 Camp-Inspired Home Accents

camping supplies
Photo: iStock

August days remind us of our summers spent at sleepaway camp and the laid-back cool of camp style. There's something about the camp aesthetic that we can't help but love. We're not alone in our camp fascination: Wes Anderson's new film Moonrise Kingdom is a celebration of summer camp style and Town & Country magazine's June/July issue included a feature on America's Summer Camp Revival. While we won't get the chance to return to summer camp, we can fake the look with these ten camp-inspired home accessories:

  1. Coast Along

    Terrain Wood Slice Coasters
    Photo by Terrain

    Accent your table with these rustic slices of wood that act as beautiful, natural coasters.

    Hickory Coaster Set, $26, ShopTerrain.com

  2. Shine A Light

    Wooden flashlight
    Photo by Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store

    A summer sleepaway staple gets a chic look when rendered in smooth, sophisticated wood.

    Wood Flashlight- Large, $65, BlueRibbonGeneralStore.net

  3. Stylish Stump

    West Elm StumpStool
    Photo by West Elm

    Give your living room a touch of campsite charm with a side table made from wood from a naturally-fallen cypress tree.

    Natural Tree Stump Side Table, $199, WestElm.com

  4. Branch Out

    Timber natural twig hook
    Photo by Timber

    These hooks made from real tree branches take their shape from the natural crooks between tree's boughs.

    Timber Twig Hooks, $40 each, LiveWireFarm.com

  5. Light Bright

    Photo by Pottery Barn Kids

    Reminiscent of camp lanterns, this table lamp will shed some light on your summer reading.

    Fisherman Table Lamp, $79, PotteryBarnKids.com

  6. Pitch A Tent

    Acorn Toy Shop Michael Tent
    Photo by Acorn Toy Shop

    Give your kiddos the ultimate playtime experience with this 6-foot tall play tent.

    Play Tent · Michael, $315, AcornToyShop.com

  7. Blanket Statement

    Photo by Pendleton

    The classic wool blankets from Pendelton Woolen Mills honor America's national parks, including Glacier National Park, which is celebrated in this iconic design.

    Glacier National Park Blanket, $178 to $218, Pendelton-USA.com

  8. Sleep Like A Log

    Spoon Sisters Log Pillow
    Photo by Spoon Sisters

    Guests will do a double take when they see this log pillow. The bolster is printed with a photo-realistic fabric and filled with micro beads.

    Log Pillow, $19, SpoonSisters.com

  9. Fire Starter

    LL Bean Fire Pit
    Photo by L.L. Bean

    Who says open-air fires are reserved for camping? With this portable fire pit and grill, you can enjoy a campfire in your backyard, at the beach or on a picnic.

    Wildlife Fire Pit and Grill, $159, LLBean.com

  10. Camp Café

    Photo by Le Creuset

    Start your day with camp fire-style coffee with this stoneware French press.

    French Press, $60, LeCreuset.com