10 Daring Ways to Decorate With Red

Bring the drama home with these 10 incredibly chic decorating ideas.

Red is one color that doesn't mess around and even in its subtlest forms it certainly packs a punch, which is a welcome addition once winter rolls around. The brilliant hue sends blah vibes packing and injects much-needed energy and life into any room. But let's be real — getting it right can be a challenge, which is why you might be putting off trying the red hot hue. And that's exactly why we've gone ahead and pulled together 10 bold rooms that totally knock it out of the park. Scroll on for some serious red-spiration, then try incorporating it into your own interiors — we dare you.


A great rug can really pull a whole space together and this fiery number is no exception. The low-lying accent serves as the centerpiece for the space, while subtle details like lamps, art and throw pillows in brilliant shades of red create a sense of visual cohesion. (Photo via Las Cositas de Beach & Eau)


Your bedroom is most definitely your sanctuary, but why limit yourself to understated neutral hues? A vibrant red throw and fun accent pillows are the perfect way to kickstart a little creativity first thing (snooze button not needed). (Photo via Elle Decor)


Inventiveness in the kitchen is a given with color play like this. The cool contrast lends the room eclectic appeal that's sure to spark more than a few delicious ideas. The wallpaper's decorative print is what really keeps this look feeling elegant and classy, but for a more contemporary aesthetic, go for solids or punchy graphic patterns. (Photo via Apartment Therapy)


Even small pops of red can be perfectly impactful and that's certainly the case in the chic bathroom above. The wallpaper, rug and countertop trim work together to make a major impact. (Photo via Natalie Clayman)


This fiery shade of red is show-stopping on its own, but the contrast of contemporary and old world design really sends the style factor off the radar. (Photo via Domaine)


Add drama to a room filled with neutral hues with a statement sofa in a shade of show-stopping rouge. Amplify its vivid appeal with contrasting or patterned pillows that will pop against the solid red backdrop. (Photo via Elle España)


Colorful furnishings require some commitment and if red doesn't have you totally convinced, test drive the hue with a piece of bright red. If it doesn't jibe with your interior vibe, simply swap it out. (Photo via Architectural Digest)


Use red to draw the eye to your home's unique features, like this built in cabinet turned bar. (Photo via One King's Lane)


Shed some light on your impeccable style (and light up any room) with a playful lampshade in a sassy red hue. (Photo via Desire to Inspire)

Elle Decor 11-11-11 copy

If you're feeling really adventurous, go ahead and paint the town walls red! Just make sure you choose a color that doesn't clash with your decor — painting is relatively simple, refurnishing an entire room is not. (Photo via Rover Couturier Inc.)


Liven up an outdoor space by pairing natural table tops with brightly painted chairs that pack a punch. This set was feels oh-so ready to party. (Photo via Transista Inicial)


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