10 Kitchen Nooks That Make Us Want to Brunch All Day (And Their Best Elements)

Ten kitchen nooks that get us in the mood for brunching (and why they work so well).

It's official: we are hooked on nooks. What is it about them that gives them their charm? Is it their coziness? Their simplicity? Their associations with waking up and carving out a happy little place to enjoy the sunshine and get ready for the day? We at nousDECOR think it's all of the above. Here are ten cheery kitchen nooks that exude that carefree, easygoing attitude, with tips on what gives them their glow. Oh kitchen nooks, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways...

kitchen nook 6

So lovely and striking. The picture windows contribute to the airy feel of this nook, but it's the emphasis on a rich mixture of prints that really puts it on another level (they're even in the flower vase!).

Worth Taking Note: The multiple ways in which this nook plays with black and white patterning and texture achieves its sophisticated look and impression of dimension.

kitchen nook 7

Featuring a mix of homey touches like wicker and print pillows with gallery-style art and a chic, contemporary wireframe table, this kitchen nook knows how to balance current and fresh with flair. Plus, the pink surrounded by cooler hues creates a great accent look here.

Worth Taking Note: Sometimes all you need for an updated look is one modern piece rather than going all out. This table stands as a fine example of how effective this method can be.

kitchen nook 8

Modest in aspect, this nook is unfussy and quietly makes its presence known through little details: a bookshelf here, an unobtrusive vase of flowers there. Its special and inviting spirit comes from its timeless air—it could have been your mother's nook, or even your grandmother's nook, but now it's yours and carries on that same warm essence that keeps guests coming back.

Worth Taking Note: It's all in the (little) details. Bring in some special items and patterning to lend your nook that old-world charm.

kitchen nook 2

No lie, it is thanks to the chairs and the white bordering the window that gives this nook its zen vibe. The mossy green and bright surroundings creates a design that is similar to the effect of a great tea in the morning—it makes you feel calm yet awake.

Worth Taking Note: Go green for a peaceful, relaxing vibe in your morning. White will help counteract a too-chill energy (especially since you're trying to wake up!).

kitchen nook 9

For those in the design know—let's talk about all the elements at play here that are so au courant. We've got bright pink bar stools, a copper pendant light and a gorgeous chalkboard wall that lights up the room with a snazzy flavor. Crazy hot.

Worth Taking Note: If you want to go graphic, vibrant, bold—basically, to have a kitchen nook that is always the center of the conversation—take up these trendy elements and go the extra mile. Trust me, your nook will never go ignored.

kitchen nook 3

Three words: Keep it classy. Nothing is smarter or more sophisticated than a preppy, slightly nautical look. The touches of metal with the stripes and white is elegant to a tee. (Also, we dig that chair that looks like it's on its knees.)

Worth Taking Note: Stripes with hints of metal and green or navy will always read upscale. A great design for a refined nook.

kitchen nook 4

What's keeping everything together here is the coordinating graphic tones. They cast a visual blank slate, such that what is easy to discern are the furnishings, or the chairs that read modern and slick adjacent to the groovy vintage table.

Worth Taking Note: Keep it polished with a focus on darks and lights—that way you can add offbeat details.

kitchen nook 5

Dashes of vintage here, a splash of flea market finds there. The mix of a pink chair, a metal one, and a bar stool. Yep, it's the quirky detailing that puts this one in a place of its own as our personal favorite, effortlessly blending offbeat pieces in a visually varied way. Oh, and let's not forget to mention that gorgeous tiling.

Worth Taking Note: Start hitting up those antique shops—you never know what kinds of eccentric pieces you may unearth that'll allow you to put together a marvelously fascinating, one-of-a-kind-look (plus, it's budget-friendly!).

kitchen nook 10

There are few better ways to wake up than to mood-boosting, vibrant citrus shades. We can already feel the good vibes just by looking at them. This space also shows that adding a small table near a kitchen window can be just as good as modeling a nook into your floorplan.

Worth Taking Note: Get some orange and yellow in your morning, stat!

Kitchen nook 1

Although the idea behind a “pop of color" can be overused in decor, here it's not taken to extremes and radiates a warm personality. The chairs, plates and pillows are good little standout pieces, and with colors that are slightly more muted, the nook's presence appears as not overly bold, giving one a feeling more akin to that of being gently woken up.

Worth Taking Note: Muted tones are not so vibrant and intense that they call for a rude awakening, but nor are they so boring that they retain the (sometimes) featureless look of neutrals. Instead, they occupy that wonderful middle ground—perfect for kitchen nook decor.

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