10 Must-Haves for a Stylish Summer Kitchen

Here are ten kitchen items you need to serve up summer in style.

Whether you're redecorating after a renovation or just looking to spruce up your space, here are ten accents you need for a well-styled kitchen.


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  1. Prints Charming

    Photo by Crate & Barrel
    Stop wasting paper towels and try a cloth dish towel with a lively pattern.

    SHOP NOW: Tomato dish towel, $6, CrateAndBarrel.com
  2. Tray Chic

    Photo by Wisteria
    Trays are great for grouping smaller items like salt cellars, pepper shakers and cooking oils.

    SHOP NOW: Lobster tray, $119, Wisteria.com
  3. Under Foot

    Photo by Ikea
    Rugs add a finishing touch to any kitchen without breaking the bank.

    SHOP NOW: Signe rugs, $4, Ikea.com
  4. Look Sharp

    Photo by Crate & Barrel
    Display your knives and keep them close at hand with this gorgeous wooden knife block.

    SHOP NOW: Schmidt Brothers Acacia knife block, $80, CrateAndBarrel.com
  5. Cutting Edge

    Photo by Kaufmann Mercantile
    Ditch your plastic boards in favor of a chic, solid wooden style.

    SHOP NOW: Black walnut trencher board, $89, KaufmannMercantile.com
  6. Clean Queen

    Photo by H&M
    Toss the plastic bottles, and store your dish and hand soap in a pretty glass dispenser.

    SHOP NOW: Glass soap dispenser, $10, H&M.com
  7. Flower Power

    Photo by Jayson Home
    If you can’t be trusted with even a simple house plant, succulents and river rocks are simultaneously stylish and low maintenance.

    SHOP NOW: Succulent and river stone arrangement, $50, JaysonHome.com
  8. Hold Everything

    Photo by Crate & Barrel
    Marble accessories give any space an instant style upgrade.

    SHOP NOW: Marble utensil holder, $25, CrateAndBarrel.com
  9. Shake It Out

    Photo by Bloomingdale's
    Have freshly ground pepper at your fingertips with a classic steel pepper mill.

    SHOP NOW: Metal pepper mill, $40, Bloomingdales.com
  10. Secret Sauce

    Photo by MoMA Store
    Way better than a boring glass jar, this sleek container stylishly stores anything from pasta to cookies.

    SHOP NOW: Curiosity container, $58, MoMAStore.org