10 Fun Outdoor Spring Dates

couple driving in convertible
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It’s starting to warm up (well, kinda), so get your vitamin-D-deprived butts outside and enjoy one of these alfresco dates.

Outdoor Sweat Sesh Head to a local park for a hike, run, bike ride or tennis match. Get your blood pumping, and you might notice something else pumping too (we're talking about your libido in case you didn't catch the innuendo). We're just saying…

Geocaching Geocaching is really a teched-out game of hide-and-seek for fun-loving adults like yourselves. All you need is your GPS. Then go to Geocatching.com to get the location of a "treasure" and start hunting. Even if you're not really into the whole treasure-hunting thing, it's a great way to explore nearby areas.

Paintball Square off against your spouse on the field and work out all that excess energy. Or if you're feeling merciful, pair up with your sweetie against another team.

A Bicycle Built for Two The ultimate exercise in teamwork and trust, tandem bicycling is both a great workout and a chance for you two to get in sync. Rent one at a bike store near you.

Horseback Riding Find a local farm or a nearby equestrian school and book a couple's ride through the countryside.

Picnic Spread a blanket on a flat spot and dine on fresh fruit, chocolate, cheese, and wine (the menu is up to you two, of course). If you get rained out, you can always cheat and spread out a blanket on the bed.

Pub Crawl Hit up three or four of your favorite watering holes around town and try a new beer or drink at each one. Okay, this isn't entirely outside, but hey, doesn't walking from bar to bar count?

Wine Tour Springtime means vino time. Most wineries offer free wine tastings and tours, and if it's a little nippy, just drink more! (Find a vineyard or winery near you at WinesandTimes.com.)

Volunteer Get some fresh air and give your relationship a karmic boost: Sign up to help clean up a local park or highway, or if you're good with a hammer, you can help build homes in nearby neighborhoods with Habitat for Humanity (Habitat.org).

Sow Some Seeds This could be the year you actually build that vegetable garden you've been talking about since you moved in. Spring is prime planting time, so hit up the nursery to pick up seeds for your favorites fruits, veggies and herbs. Digging can actually be a lot of fun when you have your partner in crime by your side. Come summer, you'll be enjoying fresh tomatoes and basil picked right from your backyard.