10 Signs Your Bedroom Needs to Grow Up

Has your old furniture, mismatched sheets and his awful baseball alarm clock turned your bedroom into a postcollege dumping ground? Here are some signs that you need an update, plus tips on how to makeover your boudoir into the stylish sanctuary it’s meant to be.
  1. 1. You Only Have Mismatched Bedding

    Photo by Macy's

    We’re all for mixing when it comes to your closet, but your grown-up bedding should match. A complete bedding set, including sheets, pillowcases and a duvet will pull the room together, in a more sophisticated way. Again, search discount sites or flash sales, like OneKingsLane, and look for a high thread count and mature colors, like cream, gray and blue.

  2. 2. You Don’t Have a Headboard

    Photo by Overstock

    If you only have a simple bed frame (read: the metal frame that came with your mattress), buying a stylish headboard is an affordable update. Check out discount sites like Overstock, or try a DIY project with a short list of inexpensive materials. Your best bet is a neutral color and finish, making sure that you and your mate are both satisfied.

  3. 3. You Don’t Have Bedside Tables

    Photo by Wayfair

    Time to replace the milk crates with proper bedside tables—and two of them! Choose a style that suits your taste and works with your space. If you have a minimalist style, an elegant glass and metal side table would look right. For someone who needs her phone, books, a glass of water and a hundred other things, a sturdy wooden style with drawers or a cabinet will fit the bill. 

  4. 4. Your Bedside Accessories Are Lacking

    Photo by Bed Bath & Beyond

    Toss that terrible Radio Shack alarm clock and pick up a sleek docking station that will charge all your devices, connect to your music and wake you up on time. Don’t forget one for his side of the bed too—guys love their techy toys!

  5. 5. You Don’t Have Curtains

    Photo by West Elm

    Curtains can change the feel of your room, so take down those cheap, broken blinds and choose a window treatment that speaks to your style. Rich velvet drapes hint at a formal, sophisticated taste, while loose linen shades have a more relaxed feel. And blackout curtains underneath will ensure more snuggling and snoozing time in the morning.

  6. 6. You Have No Art

    Photo by Exhibition A

    New rule: All art in your bedroom must be framed. Here’s a chance for you and your guy to really showcase your personal style, and sites like Artsy, 20X200 and Etsy make buying art easy and affordable. Black-and-white photos say you’re a sophisticated and cosmopolitan couple, while those with more traditional taste might hang classic oils on their walls.

  7. 7. Your Only Lighting Is Overhead

    Photo by Pottery Barn

    Nothing sets the mood in your bedroom like good lighting. Coordinating table lamps, floor lamps or wall sconces will spruce up your digs in a flash. Don’t forget to choose soft and bright bulbs, depending on the function of the light (overhead versus a reading lamp).

  8. 8. Your Floors Are Bare

    Photo by Ikea

    Bare floors make a room look unfinished, and (as mom would say) are frankly unacceptable! Center your space with a large area rug, or decorate with smaller rugs in different spots of your room for a pulled-together look. A shaggy rug creates a plush and intimate atmosphere, while a lower pile patterned style offers a sleek but still inviting look.

  9. 9. Your Furniture Clashes

    Photo by Rooms to Go

    We love eclectic furniture that works together, but if you really want to change the feel of your bedroom, splurge on a set that traditionally includes the bed frame and headboard, side tables, and dressers or armoires. A shared bedroom set is a major purchase for a couple, and a good set will last for a while, so make sure you take your time picking out something you both truly love.

  10. 10. Your Walls are Lacking Color

    Photo by Benjamin Moore

    Another way to make an impact is to create a color scheme for your walls. Gray is a sophisticated and trendy wall color, but as long as you avoid typically juvenile colors, like bright pink, purple, sky blue and green, you’ll be fine. Oh and sorry mister, sports team wall decals are not the sort of color we’re talking about.