10 Signs Your Guy Is in a Bromance

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1. He has more nicknames for his best guy friend than for you.

2. When you suggest a double date, he says, “Great, you go out with Suzy, and Bill and I will catch the game."

3. He went to see the ultimate bromance movie I Love You, Man…twice. And cried.

4. They have at least two almost-identical outfits.

5. During your wedding, his pal dragged you aside and said, “Take good care of him for me, okay?"

6. He spends more time getting ready for his bros' night out than for your Friday night date.

7. They have an anthem, be it from Journey or Jay-Z, that they famously dub “our song."

8. They take 10 minutes to tell the “hilarious" story about the first day they met (again).

9. You finally earn enough airline miles for the anniversary trip you've been dreaming of, and he says, “Cool! Dave and I can go to Vegas!"

10. He answers his buddy's call…in the middle of sex.

Real-Life Bromances

We asked TheNest.com users if they thought their spouses were in a bromance. See what they said!

“Not only does my husband work with his BFF, they go out constantly and love staying out until 4 a.m. every single time. Ugh! It makes me crazy!" --augusta

“My husband and his best friend play Xbox while talking on their super-geeky headsets at least five times a week. They email funny crap to each other throughout the workday, and his friend comes over for dinner about once a week since he's a bachelor and can't make anything but breakfast sandwiches." --Bella.in.CT

“My husband goes rock climbing with his buddy every weekend. It's been a bromance since the day they met. His wife and I got the biggest laugh after we learned they'd bought matching climbing equipment." --MrsMelB

“My guy and his best friend are inseparable. Luckily, the BFF is about to marry one of my best friends, so we do a lot of double dates -- although the guys still have their own 'man dates' every once in a while. Total bromance!" --jwpbride

“My husband and his BFF always take lavish guys-only trips all over the world, while I get to stay home and stew in my jealousy. They've already been to China, Japan and Brazil!" --fruitiepye

“My husband and his best friend are so close, they're even deployed together! When they're home, I don't mind how much they hang out, as long as it's not the whole weekend. It gives me a nice little break too." --Pinky_Briles86

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