10 Spring Dates Under $50

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Dance class
So you've seen Dancing With the Stars and secretly wish you could twirl like Kristi Yamaguchi or AC Slater from Saved by the Bell. It's time to test your own skills by taking a couples dance class.

Geocaching is a worldwide game of hiding and seeking treasure. A geocacher can place a geocache anywhere in the world (think: the middle of the forest or top of the Empire State Building) and pinpoint its location using GPS technology, and then share the geocache's location online. All you need to get started are a GPS device and the whereabouts of a “treasure" listed on the website.

Say OM!
Want to get primed for some serious bedroom acrobatics? Take a couples yoga class and learn new ways to bend.

Are you an adventurous duo? Square off against your spouse on the field and work out all that energy (or, if you're feeling merciful, pair up with your sweetie against another team).

Couples Boxing
Got a little bottled up angst from the workweek? Take a couples boxing class! After you've worked out all your rage on safe punching bags, retire to the shower together to make nice. Find a place to spar near you at BoxingGyms.com.

A Bicycle Built for Two
The ultimate exercise in teamwork and trust, tandem bicycling is both a great workout and a chance for you two to get in sync. Rent one at a bike store near you.

Horseback Riding
Find a local farm or equestrian school near you and book a couple of rides through the countryside.

Comedy Shows
Grab some friends and get a table at a local comedy club. Admission rates are cheaper when you watch amateurs get on stage, but the comedic value—intentional or not—is more than worth the cover charge and cost of a few drinks.

Have a Picnic
Depending on the weather, you can have a picnic either outside or inside. If you're outside, spread a blanket on a flat spot, and dine on fresh fruit, chocolates, cheese slices, and wine (the menu is up to you two, of course). If you're indoors, spread a blanket on the bed to encourage between-the-sheets action.

Pub Crawl
Hit up three or four of your favorite watering holes around town and try a new beer or drink at each one. Be sure to have a taxi on call to take you safely around if they're not close enough to walk.
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