10 Steps to the Bedroom of Your Dreams

modern bedroom
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Transform a so-so sleeping arrangement into a tranquil dream with these easy decorating ideas you can do yourself.
  1. Add Luxurious Curtains

    Linens add a layer of warmth to a room, so consider using window treatments instead of closet doors, like this couple did with the wardrobes on either side of their bed. It instantly makes a large room feel cozy.

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  2. Clear the Clutter

    This Zen bedroom is sleek and clutter-free. Get the look by making sleep the focus of your room. Remove anything that doesn’t relate, like a desk, additional seating or large, decorative accessories.

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  3. Layer Your Linens

    Complete your bedroom look with pimped-out bedding. Don’t skimp here: Pile on the accessories, from a coordinating bed skirt to a throw blanket and accent pillows, so you’ll have a bed you love looking at -- and sleeping in.

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  4. Go With Florals

    Flowers perk up a room like nothing else. If you can’t commit to wallpapering like this romantic bedroom, pick up actual blooms for your bedside.

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  5. Play With Paint

    If your bedroom is a stark-white box, add some architectural interest with paint. Here, the blue creates a faux chair rail that makes this modern room feel inviting.

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  6. Light It Right

    Every room should have at least three sources of light. Here, two bedside task lamps provide ample reading light, and the chandelier adds a touch of sparkle overhead.

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  7. Create a Mood

    Color can transform a space and will help set a mood. Here, the dark-chocolate walls create a romantic vibe perfect for a bedroom, while the bedding stays light and crisp.

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  8. Spell It Out

    Use inspiring words to decorate your bedroom. Try “Dream,” “Sleep” or “Relax” to promote rest. And don’t forget to top it off with fluffy pillows and crisp linens to reinforce those thoughts.

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  9. Think of Vignettes

    Use your bedside table to display some of your favorite items or collections. It’s a great spot to put framed photos or mementos from vacations. And if you have a table with drawers, you can stow away all your necessities, keeping the top neat.

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  10. Play Up Symmetry

    The easiest way to style your bedroom so it looks “done” is to make it symmetrical. Toss out your mismatched pieces and invest in identical lamps, bedside tables and pillows so you can decorate both sides of your bed exactly the same for a balanced and pleasing arrangement.

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