13 Ways to Upgrade Your Space With Tiles

living room
Tiles aren't just for backsplashes and bathrooms anymore. Tile has the potential to totally transform a room.

Wallpaper might be making a major comeback, but if you're looking for a slightly more permanent and incredibly sophisticated way to upgrade your digs, tile is the way to go. It's super versatile and practical, plus with so many patterns, shapes, sizes and textures to choose from the design opportunities are endless. And we're not just talking about in the kitchen or the bathroom. Tile has so much to offer beyond the threshold of these two spaces, as these 13 stunning spaces illustrate.


Make your fireplace the centerpiece of the room by decking it out in punchy graphic tiles. Choose colors that tie into your furnishings and accents to create a sense of cohesion. (Photo via Cle Tile)


Instead of standard subway tile, look to printed tiles and mosaics in bright colors to bring your kitchen to life. To really make it pop, pair it with a few coats of vibrant paint. (Photo via Chad McPhail Design)


Double up on tile to give your bathroom a chic modern edge. Opt for classic, neutral colors for the walls, and introduce drama and visual intrigue through color and intricate patterns on the floor. (Photo via D Magazine)


Redefine the backsplash by focusing tile in thoughtful locations around the kitchen rather than lining the entire wall. Choose funky prints, geometric shapes and unconventional formations for maximum impact. (Photo via Contemporary Tiles)


For a truly inspired accent wall, skip the paint and layer it with eye-catching tiles. (Photo via Mad About the House)


Blur boundaries by placing elegant tiles in an outdoor space. Play off the color and textures of your home's façade when selecting tiles to create flow and unity. (Photo via Food52)


Go all out glam with pint-sized tiles that twinkle in the light. Metallic finishes make even the most minimalist of rooms exude grandeur. (Photo via Dust-Jacket Attic)


Add depth, drama and visual intrigue by highlight a room's standout features with tile. Here mismatched antique tiles underline the loft's high ceilings, while heightening the space's industrial chic aesthetic. (Photo via Yellow Trace)


Who needs hardwood flooring when you can have tile like this? The chevron patterns brings an element of texture to the room, while the bright green hue cooly contrasts with the white walls. (Photo via Not a Paper House)


Tile the inside of a cabinet, shelf or island to take your tile game to the next level. (Photo via Inside Antwerp)


Ditch the carpet and dress up floors with sleek marble tiles. (Photo via VosgesParis)


The perfect way to beat the rainy day blues? Rich green tiles and chic coppery accents. (Photo via The Jungalow)


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