12 Home Goods That Are Eco + Chic

Go Earth-friendly at home with these decor accents that are eco-chic.

We're all about keeping the Earth a happy place to live but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. In fact, we prefer the artisan, hand-made organic finds that stand the test of time. Here are twelve products that we think you absolutely need for your home.

  1. Basket Case

    neon african basket
    Photo by All Across Africa
    Natural sisal fibers and organic dyes make these Rwandan artisan baskets a beautiful eco addition to your home. Use them to hold fruit or knickknacks tabletop or group together and hang as a wall installation.

    SHOP NOW: Hand made baskets, from $20, AllAcrossAfrica.org
  2. Milling Around

    hand coffee grinder
    Photo by Kaufmann Mercantile
    Save on energy while brewing the best cup of coffee to date--this traditional Japanese cherry birch wood and iron coffee mill is churned by hand, so you get perfect grinds every time (the old-fashioned yet utterly modern way).

    SHOP NOW: Coffee mill, $329, Kalita, Kaufmann-Mercantile.com
  3. Brush It Out

    rubber lint brush
    Photo by Kaufmann Mercantile
    Skip the sticky lint rollers and go for a greener option. Using natural rubber bristles and a beechwood handle, this little brush removes pet hair and annoying lint without all the waste.

    SHOP NOW: Natural rubber lint brush, $49, Kaufmann-Mercantile.com
  4. Bottled Up

    black and white tablecloth
    Photo by Bottle Cloth
    Made from recycled bottles, these modern-printed table cloths are a great way to add color and visual texture to your next outdoor party table.

    SHOP NOW: Mod Stripe tablecloth, from $99, BottleCloth.com
  5. Carry All

    woven stripe tote
    Photo by Mar Y Sol
    Ok, so this may technically be a woven tote but take it from us that these handled carry-alls also serve as excellent alternative storage options at home.

    SHOP NOW: Monaco tote, $135, ShopMarYSol.com
  6. Towel Off

    organic bath towels
    Photo by Coyuchi
    Made from 100-percent organic cotton, these traditional Turkish towels will have you drying-off in style.

    SHOP NOW: Mediterranean bath collection, from $8, Coyuchi.com
  7. Pom Perfect

    stripe and pom pom pillow
    Photo by Dara Artisans
    Using 4,000 year-old traditions, Indian artist, Injiri's hand-woven strip and pom-pom tassel throw pillow is the perfect modern-global home accent.

    SHOP NOW: Offset stripe Khadi pillow, $135, Injiri, DaraArtisans.com
  8. Wash Out

    organic dish soap
    Photo by Eco Me
    Get your dishes sparkling clean with this fresher than fresh mint soap that's made from natural, plant-based ingredients.

    SHOP NOW: Herbal Mint dish soap, $6, Eco-Me.com
  9. Best In Bed

    grey and white bedding
    Photo by Brooklinen
    Launched by the Fulop's, a newlywed couple seeking affordable bedding with low-impact on the planet, Brooklinen was created, retaining design in mind. Their newly launched sateen sheets and duvet covers are ultra-buttery and guaranteed to give you a peaceful sleep.

    SHOP NOW: Luxe Core Set budle, $227, Brooklinen.com
  10. Save the Date

    clipboard calendar
    Photo by Artifact Uprising
    Customizable photographic calendars take it a step further by using reclaimed beetle pine wood and recycled paper. Our favorite part? Whenever you order your set, whether it be January or June, you'll still get a full calendar year--now that's less waste!

    SHOP NOW: Custom photo calendar, $30, ArtifactUprising.com
  11. Linen Love

    linen napkins
    Photo by ABC Home
    Low-impact fabrics and non-toxic dyeing techniques make these heavy woven linen napkins the ideal dinner accessory.

    SHOP NOW: Homespun napkins, $25, Bella Notte, ABCHome.com
  12. Dry Run

    wool dryer balls
    Photo by Amazon
    The Earth-friendly way to do laundry these days is by saying "bye-bye" to dryer sheets and utilizing natural wool dryer balls. Besides, they'll never stick to the inside of your pant leg, embarrassing you at the office.

    SHOP NOW: Dryer Balls, $19 for set of six, Woolzies, Amazon.com