Cooking Instructions for a Turbo Cooker

Turbo Cookers are a cooking invention based on the principle of steam cooking. While not a pressure cooker per-se, turbo cookers utilize the power of pressurized steam to cook food. The selling points of the turbo cooker is that you can cook almost any way--fry, steam, bake or boil--ll without the use of oil, making it a healthy cooking option. Turbo Cookers also come with a range of recipe cards for easy meals.


    Prepare your meat as per the desired recipe. Turbo Cookers can stir fry strips, cook whole steaks or chops, sausages or even a whole chicken.

    Place ½ to 1 ½ cups water into the bottom of the Turbo Cooker, which is its reservoir. Place the reversible grill plate, grill side up on top of the water reservoir and turn the heat to high. Put the domed lid on and let heat for three minutes.

    Take off the lid, opening it up away from your body to avoid the hot steam that escapes. Put the meat onto the grill plate, replace the lid and cook for the time recommended on the Turbo Cooker manual. For instance, a medium-rare sirloin steak cooks for four minutes on each side; a chicken breast cooks for three minutes on each side and a fish fillet cooks for two and a half minutes on each side.


    Prepare and heat the Turbo Cooker with water in the reservoir.

    Place cut vegetables on the grill plate for grilled vegetables such as zucchini or eggplant, two minutes on each side or corn on the cob, turning every two minutes for eight minutes total cooking time.

    Insert the steaming rack if you want to steam vegetables. This can be done while cooking meat on the grill plate if desired. Place the vegetables onto the steam rack and cover with the dome lid. For most vegetables, double the cooking time.


    Prepare the Turbo Cooker, heating it for three minutes with 1 cup of water.

    Place the roast -- beef, chicken, lamb or pork -- onto the grill plate and cover with the dome lid for 10 minutes.

    Pour in 1 cup of water into the reservoir and cover for another 10 minutes. Repeat four times, adding 1 cup of water every 10 minutes.


    • You can use wine or beer instead of water in the reservoir to add a different flavor dimension to your cooking, or add herbs, garlic or lemon wedges to the cooking water to infuse the food with different flavors.


    • Do not let the water reservoir run dry; generally, adding 1 cup of water every 10 minutes will ensure a constant supply of steam.

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