16th Anniversary: Traditional Gift Ideas and More

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Silver hollowware -- literally hollow items made of silver, and a very popular type of item in the Victorian age -- is the traditional gift of the 16th wedding anniversary. Here’s your gift-giving guide to the 16th wedding anniversary!


1.Flask: It's one of the ultimate manly gifts, and engraving can make it endearingly personal.

2.Vase: Fill a silver vase with a beautiful bouquet for double the impact!

3.Candelabra: Imagine how romantic your anniversary dinner will be cast in candlelight.

4.Flatware: Silver hollowware utensils are a great gift for a spouse who loves to entertain.

5.Serving bowl: Add an elegant touch to the tabletop.

6.Ice bucket: Your bar setup will look amazing with this kind of a bucket front and center!

7.Vintage tea set: Scour thrift shops and online vendors for an authentic set.

8.Locket: Always a sentimental gift, a locket that's genuine hollowware is sure to please.

9.Wine goblets: Feel like royalty sipping your pinot noir from these.

10.Cuff: Think of how striking a silver hollowware bangle would look on her wrist!

11.Punch bowl: It will definitely be the centerpiece of any party you two host.

12.Fountain pen: This is a great gift for him, especially if he loves vintage desk accessories.

13.Sugar bowl and creamer: There's no doubt you'll really get some good use out of this gift.

14.Serving tray: Serving trays are a very common piece of silver hollowware, so you should have a bunch of options from which to choose.

15.Pitcher: That summer lemonade just got a whole lot fancier!

Did we miss any? We want to know your ideas! Leave a comment to add to our ultimate anniversary ideas list.

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