22 Finds That Save the Planet Without Sacrificing Style

Going green is a global move, and although Earth Day is only once a year, we think it should be everyday. We’ve discovered 22 products that will help reduce your homebound footprint, while staying stylish because, after all, eco is in.
  1. Rare Gem

    Photo by Coyuchi
    Woven of 100-percent organic cotton, this orchid-hued bedding collection gives you the ultimate in sleeping comfort while staying friendly to the earth. 

    SHOP NOW: Rare Orchid bedding, from $58, Coyuchi.com
  2. Sleepy Time Tea

    Photo by Keetsa
    Put this eco-friendly mattress on your list of must-trys for its supportive iCoils, hemp fabric, BioFoam (that’s memory foam made from natural and plant oils) and EverGreen, sourced from all-natural green tea, that’s embedded into the memory foam to maintain long-lasting freshness. So you can rest easy with reduced emissions of VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

    SHOP NOW: Tea Leaf Classic mattress, from $934, Keetsa.com
  3. The Write Way

    Photo by Zin Home
    Old mixes with new in this mid-century modern-inspired desk that’s built from salvaged and reclaimed woods and finished in natural beeswax for a unique, one-of-a-kind furniture piece that is eco-chic. 

    SHOP NOW: Mitchell Desk, $1,999, ZinHome.com
  4. Basket Case

    Photo by Swahili Modern
    Keep your home organized with this Senegalese cattail grass woven hamper, and with a height of 27 inches, it will store oodles of miscellaneous items while adding a touch of geometric color.  

    SHOP NOW: Oversize hamper, $165, SwahiliIModern.com
  5. Furniture Fusion

    Photo by BoConcept
    Teaming up with Japanese designer, Nendo, BoConcept has released a new fusion line with designs heavily influenced by the art of origami as seen in this chair’s curved, folded lines. And not only does this company produce furniture for the urban dweller, they strive to leave the smallest footprint possible by taking responsibility for its people and environment. 

    SHOP NOW: Fusion chair, $2,857, footstool, $1,302, Nendo, BoConcept.com
  6. Salvage to Perfection

    Photo by PTACEK Home
    Crafted from trees downed by storms and other salvage materials, this Hudson Valley studio turns discarded tree products into contemporary furniture and home accents. This blacked pine wall planter will add easy-to-care for plant life to your indoor or outdoor entryway.

    SHOP NOW: 27” x 27” grid planter, $495, PTACEKHome.com
  7. Rain on Me

    Photo by Waterpik
    Besides trimming off an average of $90 on your annual water bill, this five-setting water head also saves up to one gallon of water per minute as you shower. Ideal for those who want to save the planet without sacrificing water pressure, this EcoFlow model is editor tested and approved. 

    SHOP NOW: EcoFlow 5 Mode Showerhead, $42, Waterpik.com
  8. Farm Fresh

    Photo by Jurlique
    Hailing from naturally found plants and herbs in Australia, Jurlique brings the best in body care to your daily routine, keeping your skin looking and smelling its best.  

    SHOP NOW: Body care assortment, from $22, Jurlique.com
  9. Teak-nique

    Photo by Bed Bath & Beyond
    Forget the microfiber bath mat that requires weekly washings. This all-teak bath mat is naturally water and mold resistant and doesn’t require time in the washing machine. 

    SHOP NOW: Teak shower mat, $80, ARB Teak & Specialties, BedBathandBeyond.com
  10. Smooth Operator

    Photo by Rowenta
    Get your clothes wrinkle free with this energy-efficient iron that doesn’t scrimp on the steam, while also being the only eco appliance of its kind with a 25-percent energy savings compared with a regular iron. 

    SHOP NOW: DW6080 Eco Intelligence Iron, $120, Rowenta, BedBathandBeyond.com
  11. Care Taker

    Photo by Christophe Pourny
    Your furniture needs a little loving every now and again, and what better way to take care of heirlooms than with this nontoxic care kit? Containing an all-natural furniture tonic, color reviver, leather serum, leather cream and paste wax in the scent of your choice (lavender, rosemary or bergamot) your furniture will be thanking you. 

    SHOP NOW: Furniture care kit, $115, ChristophePourny.com
  12. (Dining) Pretty in Pink

    Photo by ABC Home
    Handmade and locally sourced, this pretty pink dinnerware set will add an elegant eco touch to your tabletop.

    SHOP NOW: Dinnerware in pink, from $18, Mud Australia, ABCHome.com
  13. Sliced and Diced

    Photo by Epicurean
    Committed to making lasting green products for their consumers, this Minnesota-based kitchenware company has created attractive cutting boards from materials that leave a low carbon footprint and are knife friendly, dishwasher safe, heat resistant and made in the US.

    SHOP NOW: Kitchen Series cutting boards, from $12, EpicureanCS.com
  14. I Can See Clearly

    Photo by Ello
    Forgo the excessive use of water bottles in the home and replace them with these pretty-printed glass water bottles that feature a crafty wooden top. Not only will the environment thank you, your water will taste better and be safer, as it won’t be exposed to cancer-causing BPA.

    SHOP NOW: Thrive glass water bottle, $13, Ello, Target.com
  15. You’re Welcome

    Photo by MoMA Store
    With so many grocery stores charging for paper bags these days, it’s time to save with this cheeky, reusable “thank you” bag, diminishing the need for paper or plastic.

    SHOP NOW: Thank You bag, $35, Lauren Dicioccio, MoMAStore.org
  16. Repeat This

    Photo by Angela Adams
    Made of 100-percent New Zealand wool, this green and ivory hand-tufted rug repeats a timeless pattern for subtle color, texture and taste to your floor. 

    SHOP NOW: Betty hand-tufted wool rug in Sprout, from $450, AngelaAdams.com
  17. Give a Hand

    Photo by Barr-Co.
    Coming in a sleek stainless steel caddy, this hand soap and lotion duo is made in small batches from all eco-friendly goods with olfactory-pleasing scents, so you can cleanse and moisturize without the use of harsh chemicals. 

    SHOP NOW: Honeysuckle soap and lotion set, $34, Barr Co., Anthropologie.com
  18. Loud and Clear

    Photo by MollaSpace
    This unusual donut-looking speaker is environmentally mindful, as it’s made of hollow recycled pulp and comes with a rechargeable battery. Unique to its design, sound is amplified as it vibrates through its hollow core, allowing you to get clear sound from an ultra-light and ultra-conscious device.  

    SHOP NOW: Pulp MP3 Speaker, $56, MollaSpace.com
  19. Bright Idea

    Photo by Cree
    Save on your annual energy bill and avoid having to change out bulbs on a continuous basis with this LED lightbulb that has a 10-year warranty and uses 84-percent less energy than typical versions. 

    SHOP NOW: 100 W LED bulb, $20 each, Cree, HomeDepot.com
  20. Trash to Gold

    Photo by Nature Mill
    An in-home composter is the ultimate eco-chic small appliance to bring into your kitchen, as this little wonder has a capacity that works for a family of up to five. Through an internal heating and churning process, this mill produces one batch of high nitrogen soil every two weeks—ideal for lawns, gardens and potted plants.

    SHOP NOW: Metro composter, $299, NatureMill.net
  21. Dream Clean

    Photo by Electrolux
    Not only is this front load washer ultra-quiet, it also has an eco-friendly setting that is gentle on your clothing and even more so on the environment. It’s 75-percent more energy efficient than a standard washing machine, and also uses 56-percent less water -- both Mother Nature and your bank account will thank you.

    SHOP NOW: Front load washer, $1,399, ElextroluxAppliances.com
  22. Block Head

    Photo by Are Naturals
    Made from salvaged wood, these icosahedron blocks make a handy side table as they add playful geometry to your living space.

    SHOP NOW: Ico wood block, $150, AreNaturals.com