3 Grannies React (Hilariously) to Fifty Shades of Grey

glasses on an open book
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If you've ever wondered what it might sound like if your grandmother or MIL and her two besties had a Fifty Shades of Grey roundtable discussion, today's your lucky day. We've discovered the 3 Golden Sisters -- Mary, Teresa and Josie -- an adorable, ouright hilarious trio of fabulous and opinionated seniors, who have a lot to say about the trilogy that's taking the the world of erotic literature by storm. "Ouch!" and "People do that??" are among the can't miss gems blurted out by this charming threesome -- not to mention their casual recitations of some of the book's saucier lines.

For more of their amazing commentaries of everything from the Kim Kardashian sex tape to cannibals on bath salts, check out the 3 Golden Sisters' Facebook.

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