We Like To Watch: 30 Rock Recap – We’re Lovin’ Kenneth Live

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Photo: robkellyillustration.blogspot.com

Last night 30 Rock mixed it up and filmed live in front of a studio audience in the same studio as SNL. Did you watch? If not, alert: spoilers ahead!

So, much to the chagrin of Liz Lemon, Jack breaks the news to the cast and crew that TGS cannot afford to brooadcast live and will soon switch to film because “you write and shoot the season in two weeks, like Wheel of Fortune and Fox News." Obvious comparisons.

Liz puts up a brief fight, but is ultimately convinced once she realizes filming can be so much easier. But then Kenneth points to famous live shows of yesteryear like The Honeymooners and The Dean Martin Variety Show to show the merits of shooting on the fly (we love you, Kenneth). Everyone's eventually convinced, and TGS — my favorite show-within-a-show — will continue to be shown live.

The NBC 8:30 timeslot was packed with cameos last night. To name a few: Paul McCartney, Kim Kardashian, Amy Poehler, Jimmy Fallon, and Jon Hamm (yum).

Don't remember seeing some of these heavy hitters? In a twist on live taping, the cast filmed two versions of the same episode with different guest stars, then broadcasted one of the two depending on where you live!

If you missed 30 Rock last night (or want to see the other version), both the East Coast and the West Coast episodes are available online on Hulu.

Do you like when shows are filmed live, where (according to Liz) “anything can happen"? Who do you want to see guest star next?