32 Style Solutions for Your Space

Refresh your space with our collection of chic tricks to organize and display in every room of the house.
  1. Get In Line

    1. Add a burst of color to your living room with a series of simple flowers. Here we paired purple Alliums with ceramic bud vases. Display bulbs in a row for a striking sequence. (Bubble vases, $4.95, crateandbarrel.com).

    2. Organize with repetition. Line your shelves with same edition books. Break the balance with a modern clock or funky vase. (Ghost clock, $125, momastore.org).

    3. Give good reads the support they need with a revamped bookend. Keep larger books in place with a small stack of novels.

    4. Don't keep pretty serving bowls locked away. Pair a deep bowl with Caladium leaves like we did with this gorgeous red coral bowl.

  2. Hollow Art

    5. Empty frames deliver a sculptural effect. Try grouping several antique-looking frames of varying sizes on a mantel or shelf.

    6. Prop a classic portrait behind overlapping frames for a vintage look. Swap out a modern picture for an eclectic look.

  3. Show It Off

    7. Personalize your coffee with this fresh way to display collections. Turn souvenirs into table art and display with a travel book. Give your favorite possessions new meaning. Here we paired “Jackie O” sunglasses with a book about the fashionable First Lady.

    8. Want your lively rug to be front and center? Use a glass coffee table. Bonus: glass makes a small space look bigger. (Glass nesting tables, $449, boconcept.us).

  4. Color Match

    9. When you go through your stash of stuff and find you have pieces in a variety of different colors, sort first by hue and then organize the groupings on your shelves. Monochromatic groups keep your display from looking too loud. Good luck finding the book you need.

  5. Pet Bungalow

    10. Why keep your pet center in a closet when you can turn the space underneath a staircase into a lounge for your furred one? This concept would also work in a nook in your bedroom or kitchen, a clear space of at least 4 feet will do.

    11. Top off a compact coffee table with a decorative floor cushion or pillow. Low ‘cubby’ side table, $129, westelm.com.

    12. Make use of storage space and fill cubbies with a basket of toys and a place for pet food. (Makati basket, $14.99, containerstore.com).

    13. For a playful touch, hang toys from a couple stairs.

    14. Petless? Don’t let this secret spot go to waste. Any accent piece will look great in this open area. (Indonesian Batik floor cushion, $28, nancykoltesathome.com).

  6. Visual Feast

    15. Treat your guests to a goblet turnover. Flip a wine glass upside down and place in a hurricane lantern; top with a pillar candle for a unique centerpiece. (Hurricane lantern, $10.95, The Conran Shop; small glass cylinder vase $9; large, $12, jamaligarden.com.)

    16. Take your palette to the limit. Translucent pastels in light green and baby blue make this setting fresh and fun. Clear vases also add to the open and spacious feeling of the table. (Glass cylinder vase, small $9, large, $12, jamaligarden.com).

    17. Got spare paint samples lying around? Turn them into place cards and jot down names with a white or silver pen.

    18. Play up textures and layer fabric napkins over patterned vinyl placemats (Cotton mesh napkins $6 each, .conran.com).

    19. Create more space with a shortened runner that doesn’t reach the end of the table.

  7. Short Stack

    20. Turn counter space into a stylish vignette. Stack Chinese rice bowls under a bell jar next to a collection of chopsticks. Place over a cutting board for an organic touch. (Bell jar, $30, westelm.com; Bowls, $2.50/each, pearlriver.com).

    21. Turn dishware into art and play up your palette with a printed tray.

  8. Pull and Serve

    22. Fake being super organized and store plates in a drawer instead of a cabinet for easy access.

    23. Spice up a simple collection with colorful coasters. A trick? Stash your most used dishes in the top drawer.

  9. Chalk It Up

    24. The build-up of mail, pens, and keys by your front entrance is inevitable. Consolidate the clutter with a revamped message center. An old chalkboard is great for crucial posts. Arrange near colored trays that you can stack for storing your current read, spare change, and mail.

  10. Sitting Pretty

    25. Avoid dark cabinets and conceal a messy work shelf with opaque fabrics. Fake an organized look while keeping the dust out.

    26. Thinking of redecorating a room? Turn a tray into a mood board for pinning favorite colors and patterns.

    27. Get inspired with an imaginative home office. Bring an ordinary desk chair to life with a decorative slip cover. (Chair, $169, westelm.com).

    28. Turn your favorite mugs into His & Her pen jars. (Alphabet mugs, $10.95, fishseddy.com).

    29.Stash favorite postcards or everyday mail in a vintage bird cage for a whimsy appeal.

    30. Find inspiration from everyday items, like a colorful vase filled with bright blooms that personalize and define your desk (Wooden tray, $20, Global Table; Glass vase, $28, boconcept.us).

  11. Very Glassy

    31. Give the illusion of more space with a hand-blown glass lamp.

    32. Personalize a plain shade with items clipped on with a clothespin.