4 Holiday Decor Schemes That AREN’T Red and Green

Here are some creative holiday decorating ideas that don't include red and green.

When you think of holiday decor, your mind probably first goes to red and green. But what if you're tired of the go-to color scheme? There are a lot of options for people who may want to switch things up. Whether you want to go more modern or stay with a traditional feel, the field is wide open. The only question is: where to start? The team at NousDecor believes the key to making a successful design work is to have one big idea. So here are some suggestions of a few big ideas you can use and how you can implement them. Don't worry—if you don't want to see any r- or g- this year, by all means it can be avoided.

silver tree 1

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silver and gray

The great thing about this palette is that it can go either modern or traditional. If you are looking for a modern take, skew toward the grey. You can also go with a tinsel tree, as they are more open and spare, and will look good with just a few ornaments. Another option: try a collection of trees of various sizes grouped together.

To make this more traditional, bring out all the antique silver and mercury glass that you have (the goal is to make your home sparkle!). Lots of candles will be perfect for this style, and if you have young kids, there are some great battery operated choices out there, as well as ones that have timers. These will save a you a lot of trouble down the line and will always look great.

silver table decor

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If you adopt this scenario, please don't think you are in for a same kind of holiday, but now with two different colors. Add an accent shade to jazz things up a bit. Red would be great, but you could try a more unusual color like lavender or even apple green.

silver wreath

Image via House to Home.

natural christmas

For many of us, the holidays bring back memories of old family holidays on the farm, a big table of all the relatives, snow outside, and all the rest. Maybe that's the style you want to create this year—more of a natural, organic Christmas that brings us back to the true meaning of the holidays.

rustic holiday centerpiece

Image via Pottery Barn.

For this one, go with a live tree. Try to find one that is planted in a pot so you can add it to your garden when you are done. This scene will require a pretty open mind as far as color, but really embrace the idea of handmade. Lots of handmade ornaments for the tree and a bunch of handmade garlands, etc. will really bring this look to life. This kind of rustic homemade holiday could be perfect for families with young kids who want to start some holiday traditions.

monochromatic holiday

Okay, red and green may mean Christmas to most of us, but there are a lot of other things that create that feel that exist outside of color. The tree, garlands, tablescapes, etc. Now why not try all of these things, but in a color that really resonates with you? Blue certainly leans toward Hanukkah, which might be a great way for mixed families to go, but why not have a yellow or lavender scheme throughout or even all white? There's a lot of room to play with this one that'll allow your house to look festive without the traditional two-toned palette.

lavender centerpiece holiday

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yellow and white christmas tree

Image via Muramur.ca.

Holiday trees are available in all colors, or you can spray paint a live tree any color you want. We love to use metallic paint on pinecones to use on tablescapes, but why not use the color you've chosen to go with this year?

polychromatic holiday

The last option we suggest is embrace the spirit of the season is to not JUST do a red and green holiday, but go for every color and have a carnival holiday. This to me seems like a great approach that will give you more artistic freedom. While we agree the lack of restraint probably precludes a more modern feel, it's the holidays, so let your hair down and celebrate!

multicolor wreath

Image via Better Homes and Gardens.

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