5 Celebrity-Designed Hotels You’ll Want To Escape To This Weekend

5 stylish celebrity-designed hotels for your next weekend escape

What makes a hotel special? Glamorous decadence so excessive, it almost feels guilty. Subtle elegance with whispers from a time of the past. A celebration of the outdoors. A strange but beautiful break from reality. Island life infused with European accents. Oh, and it helps to be the brainchild of an esteemed celebrity designer. Yes, there are some pretty great celebrity-designed hotels out there, each with its own allure, and each totally worthy of your next weekend escape. We asked a few of the folks from the nousDECOR team to tell us about their favorites, and here's what they had to say. Warning: You'll want to book a weekend getaway immediately.

tiffany co hotel_large_resized


John Loring, Tiffany & Co.'s Design Director Emeritus, fashioned this St. Regis New York suite, which boasts stylish and whimsical elements including jewelry-inspired furnishings and more than a dash of signature Tiffany Blue. Notably, an entryway with heirloom pieces of original Tiffany sconces is shaped to subtly reference the brand's iconic engagement ring.

This escape is design team member Emily Bratt's first choice: "I like the iconic blue."

the-st-anthony DRAPER HOTEL_large_resized


The interior design of the historic and luxurious St. Anthony hotel in San Antonio pays homage to Dorothy Draper. Draper was an integral part of The St. Anthony's renovation in the 1950s and is channeled through the infusion of vibrant splashes of color, original crown moldings, and vintage furniture pieces. Here's an interesting "reveal": intricate chandeliers and original Venetian-tiled flooring, which had been hidden for more than 70 years, were uncovered in the renovation!

This escape is engineering's Frances Advincula's top pick: "It looks warm and glamorous."

RL HOTEL_large_resized


Custom-designed desks, custom-designed Ralph Lauren leather beds complete with a two-sided throw pillow (one side for summer and the other for winter), as well as throw blankets that change from faux fur in the winter into light, white cable knit in the summer are among the furnishings at The St. Regis Aspen Resort that highlight the masculine opulence of the great outdoors.

This escape is community manager and in-home decor specialist Rebecca Martin's preference: "It has a home feeling."

NED STARK_large_resized


Designer Philippe Starck designs how a director would make a film. Developing space that lifts people from the ordinary to the extraordinary, such as life-sized statues of a horse wearing a lampshade, Starck's world of wall-to-wall imagination, surprises, and fantasy at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills features his exclusive designs and custom furnishings.

This escape is co-founder and CMO Dorothee Fisher's first choice: "I'd like to bask in Old Hollywood."

Urquiola hotel decor_large_resized


Patricia Urquiola's vision of a modern day resort steps away from traditional Caribbean resort designs. Urquiola imported rugs from Brazil and Italy and used decorative ropes made from recycled materials to create a space ravishing the senses with bold colors and high-quality Italian designs. By taking inspiration from local artisans, the Spanish architect and designer brings the animation of island life indoors.

This escape is graphic designer Chris Teague's preferred choice: "I like the geometry of the decor and it's more chill-looking than the other ones."

Your turn: Which of these celebrity-designed hotels would you escape to this weekend if you could?

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