5 Clever Ways To Reuse Bottles In Your Backyard

bottle vases
Photo: Uncommon Designs
Check out these five ways to incorporate glass bottles into your backyard decoration and landscaping!

For decades, glass bottles have made their way into our homes. They store bubbly beverages, your favorite vino, olive oil, and plenty of other household necessities. After a bottle has served its purpose, it usually ends up in the recycling bin. Good news – now you can upcycle your old wine bottles or other glass containers and use them as decor in your backyard!

  1. Wine Bottle Torch

    bottle torch
    Photo by Hello Glow

    ​With a few adjustments, wine and liquor bottles can easily serve as a torch for light during warm summer evenings in the backyard. Check out the steps to DIY your own wine bottle torches, here.

  2. Bottle Path Border

    bottle border
    Photo by The Oregonian via Apartment Therapy

    ​You can use a collection of your favorite bottles to border paths around your home. Mix up the colors, shapes, and sizes of your bottles for a unique pathway in your backyard.

  3. Self-Watering System

    Photo by Julie Blanner

    While you may be finished drinking from a beverage bottle, your plants aren't! Follow this super simple DIY to create a self-watering system that keeps plants hydrated for up to three days. No need to ask a neighbor to come over and water your plants when you're away for a long weekend!​

  4. Bird Feeder

    bird feeder
    Photo by Down Home Inspiration

    ​Your upcycled bottles can keep your plants hydrated and keep the birds fed! Grab a few tools and an old wine bottle, and follow these instructions to DIY your own bird feeder.

  5. Bottle Vase

    bottle vase
    Photo by Uncommon Designs

    This trick is the easiest of all! Turn a bottle into a vase by removing the bottle label and placing fresh flowers, decorative branches, or any foliage you'd like into the neck. Display on a deck railing or patio table, and rotate the fillings as often as you'd like!

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