5 Relaxing Spring Break Staycation Ideas

spring break alternatives
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If you're not in school (or a teacher), the glorious days of having an official week-long spring break are gone. However, you can celebrate it in your own way by designating the weekend to strictly lazing around or doing a few fun things that you can never seem to find the time for.

1. Movie marathon in your pajamas

Queue up your Netflix, get an obnoxious amount of snacks assembled and spend the day in your pajamas catching up on all those Oscar films you wanted to see — or just re-watch the last season of Mad Men. Bonus points if you also apply a bright green mud mask.

2. Act like a tourist in your own city

Even if they're an hour or two away, all cities have famous, fun or weird landmarks. Re-explore your town with a friend by going to its museums, fanciest restaurants and the like so you can truly be a tourist for the day.

3. Go to the beach or a water park

Choose which water scene will make you happier: a water park with a lazy river or a sandy beach with an umbrella. Also, try to go in the morning and stake out your spot to ensure the most peaceful day possible.

4. Book a spa package

If you happen to live in a town with a heavy spring break scene (read: noisy and crowded), indulge a little and book a package at a local spa for a facial, massage or both. Maybe even toss in a manicure and pedicure for good measure — spring break only comes once a year, after all.

5. Get your craft on

If you have endless pins on your board or clippings from magazines of cool ideas that you swear you'll get around to making one day, make today the day. Even if it turns out to be a disaster, you can say you tried and check it off the list — and reward yourself with a glass of wine after.

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