5 Shibori Home Accents That Are Anything But (Shi)Boring

We love shibori dye -- here are five ways to use it in your home.

We get pretty excited about anything hand dyed, especially when it comes to Shibori, the age-old Japanese dyeing technique. Why? It's one of our favorite ways of using (indigo blue) dye to create beautiful organic patterns. Every piece has its own personality and makes a great accent to any home. Here are five variations for your home:


1. Marbled Accents

A marbling effect that can be achieved when Shibori dyeing ends up looking magical and reminds us of DIY-dying--you never quite know what pattern will end up looking like. These pillows from Shibori Textiles give us that same organic feeling! They're guaranteed to look great on your suede couch or your super cozy bed.

Photo: @shibori_textiles


2. Beach Babe

A beach blanket like this one from Katrin Reifeiss makes us so excited for the warm months ahead! It's perfect for soaking up the summer sun but can easily transition to an all-season piece. When not playing sun goddess, drape this giant blanket over an accent chair or use as a tablecloth for outdoor dining.

Photo: @katrinreifeiss


3. Hold All

Coiled cotton rope bowls have been making there way into our homes in a big way recently. This blue and white one from The Enamel Project is ideal for containing colorful thread and sewing accessories.

Photo: @the_enamel_project


4. Cocktail Attire

These ridiculously cute and sophisticated cocktail napkins are on everyone's want list this season. Ori Shibori is a NYC-based home line that brings fun accents into your home with shibori style and luxury fabrics. The result? The perfect pairing for your evening cocktail fete.

Photo: @orishibori


5. Paper Prints

We're giving thanks for these Perro Paper Co note cards that take our love of shibori to the next level--we can share our enthusiasm with our family and friends. Keep them handy in your desk drawer for you never know when you may need to pen a little merci.

Photo: @perropaperco


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