5 Steps to Giving Your Kitchen Accessories a Glam-over

Give your wooden spoons a glamorous gold update.

With the kick-off of the new year, and a holiday season full of big meals come to a close, you're more likely to spend your evenings at Cross-Fit than in your kitchen. That's why it's the perfect time to reinvigorate your cooking quarters. We collaborated with Melissa Lupo of City Girl Cooks, on this super easy DIY, to turn any humdrum kitchen accessory into a chic culinary addition. It's bound to give you that Midas touch, with spoons as good as gold.


What You'll Need:

  • Wooden Spoons (and any other wooden items that may need a gilding – we chose a salt & pepper shaker)
  • Gold Paint, and any accent paint colors. (we used Black and White to give the Gold a graphic pop) Be sure choose a paint that's designed for use on wood.
  • Paint Brushes
  • Masking Tape
  • Optional: Clear Coat for sealing, and sand paper for prepping

*Tip: Make sure whatever you are painting is not in direct contact with food. Handles, lids, etc, are great.



Step 1: Tape your design.

Neatly and tightly wrap your tape at the point where you'll want the paint to end, making sure to line it up straight. Get creative, by adding rows to make stripes, with your accent colors.

*Tip: Lightly sand your spoon handle or the surface you will be painting, to help paint better adhere.


Step 2: Paint.

Dip your brush in the desired color of choice, and be sure to wipe off any excess paint on a spare sheet of paper. Starting just above the tapeline, lightly paint in a downward motion, to ensure that paint doesn't spread. Carefully brushing in long strokes away from the tape line, fully paint the desired area.

*Tip: Be sure to keep paint a functional distance from the bowl of the spoon, so that it's away from food.

Step 3: Let Dry.

Set your items aside to let dry completely. The edge of a book, or table works great to rest the unpainted end and balance the free, painted end.

*Tip: Remove tape before paint is completely dry, so that it doesn't harden and become difficult to remove.


Step 4: Enjoy

Let your newly tantalizing table accessories talk for themselves!


*Tip: To give your gilded goodies a long and happy life, wash by hand, and avoid contact with painted areas.