5 Unconventional Ways to Display Art

Framed & Matted's founders share their tips for hanging art, the unconventional way.

When it comes to art, we just love to get as much in our home as possible, but if your home is anything like ours, you're a little short on space. While traditional art hanging methods, like a single row or even gallery style, can take up all your wall space, so we asked Chrissy and Matt Droessler of framed & matted to find out what our options are. Here are five alternative ways to save on space and display your art:

  1. 1. On or In Bookshelves

    frames on bookshelf
    Photo by Photo Framed & Matted

    “This is a great alternative to filling your bookshelves with books, especially if you have a lot of shelf space and not so many books," says Droessler. We think it gives a nice airy feeling. So, how can you integrate your frames and shelves? The experts say, “Hang a frame on the face of the bookshelf for an interesting look that breaks up the visual lines. Alternatively, you can hang a frame on the back of the bookshelf (or the wall if the shelf has no back." The Droesslers also suggest lean your frames on a shelf and display with other objects—almost like a cool area of curiosities!

  2. 3. Mix Hanging and Leaning

    gallery art wall
    Photo by Photo via Framed & Matted

    For a diverse look that's suitable for a variety of spaces, and an option that gives you the option to display multiple frames in a visually interesting way, framed & matted's founders say, “Lean frames on the ground beneath your hanging art. You can use as few as two side-by-side hanging pieces or multiple framed works in a gallery wall." This adds depth and a laissez-faire vibe, which also works when styling a desk or table against a wall.

  3. 2. Offset Your Frames

    staggered frames
    Photo by Photo via Framed & Matted

    “Just because you have 2 frames you want to display together, it does not mean you have to hang them symmetrically," says Droessler. Try hanging them in unexpected arrangements, even if they're in different frames. Simply staggering the two pieces will create a more modern, unstuffy look.

  4. 4. Place in a Corner

    art in office
    Photo by Photo via Framed & Matted

    You may think, “how dare you put my art in a corner!" but in fact, there are many reasons for displaying art in the corner of a room. The Droesslers explain, “If you have a lot of frames that won't fit on a single wall, you can utilize a corner to display while maintaining a cohesive look. It's also a great decor trick to defining a space—putting frames above a desk or bed (that's placed in a corner) can help make that space feel separate from the rest of the room."

  5. 5. Create a Uniform Look

    uniform frames
    Photo by Photo via Framed & Matted

    Ideal for the neat freaks looking for their art to be displayed in uniform fashion, Droessler says, “Even if your art is different in size, you can use frames with the same exterior dimensions, but different sized mat openings. This allows you to display the art you love, while achieving the look you want."