5 Ways Orgasms Will Save Your Life

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It turns out the big O is a bigger deal than you think -- it can possibly be the key to a long and healthy life.

Ever have a week when you're so busy you forget to have an orgasm? We didn't think so. And it's a good thing you two are getting busy all the time, because having orgasms on a regular basis can actually save your life. And unlike other things that are fun and good for you -- like glasses of red wine or handfuls of antioxidant-rich Halloween candy (chocolate's good for you -- look it up) -- you can't have too many orgasms. Plus, they won't result in back fat or gin blossoms. (And no, fake orgasms don't count.)

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    1. Orgasms are good for your lady parts.

    A recent study found that women who have orgasms during menstruation are 1.5 times less likely to suffer from endometriosis, a potentially dangerous uterine condition that can lead to infertility. But they also make you 3 three times more likely to suffer from whistling and skipping and annoying your friends.

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    2. Orgasms help manage pain.

    An orgasm can more than double a woman's woman’s tolerance for pain,according to a recent study. Seems likely, given that orgasms more than double your tolerance for your husband’s habit of leaving his underwear on the floor.

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    3. Orgasms can prevent a heart attack.

    Research shows that the female orgasm lowers your blood pressure. And we all know that high blood pressure can lead to heart attacks. And by calming the runaway electrical impulses that lead to a rapid heartbeat, orgasms can also cure hiccups, which sure beats having your man “scare” you.

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    4. Orgasms may treat addiction and depression.

    Sounds like a stretch, but researchers say that being able to activate your brain's brain’s feel-goodery center just by touching your own nipples has broader implications: Being able get instant pleasure this way may keep you from seeking that dopamine high from other places, like, you know, drugs or Doritos. Although while you can eat Doritos in public, you probably shouldn't shouldn’t play with your nipples.

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    5. Orgasms burn calories.

    An orgasm can burn up to 200 calories after 30 minutes of strenuous stimulation (which should hopefully include an orgasm). Yes, this sounds like a lot, but think of it as "strenuous stimulation" vs. "strenuous squats with hand weights and the choice is clear. Or unclear, depending on the sexual position you prefer.