5 Awesome Workout Routines for Couples

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Motivating to work out is not always easy, but it’s a lot easier when your significant other’s on board. Studies show that teaming up increases your chances of sticking with an exercise program. Plus, gym dates are a great way to bond and make exercising...dare we say, fun. So whether you’re a chill duo, an outdoorsy couple, or you both easily bore, read on for workouts that you’ll enjoy doing together.
  1. Dancing Kings and Queens

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    If you love tearing up the dance floor at weddings and nightclubs, then it’s time to start shimmying away some calories at Zumba class. This Latin-inspired, high-energy workout feels more like an hour-long dance party than a workout, so it’s almost impossible not to have fun. Oh, and watching your partner shake their thang to sexy Latin beats can be a major turn-on -- one that’s likely to lead to a second workout later on that night for double the fun and calorie burn.

    Other workouts to attack together: salsa dancing, ballroom dancing, Glee Club (available at select Crunch Fitness locations, Crunch.com), hip-hop, or if you’re a little worried about showing off your skills in public, there’s the Dancing with the Stars workout DVD series (Amazon.com)

  2. Outdoorsy Types

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    If you find the idea of running or pedaling in front of a TV at the gym completely unappealing and prefer to spend your free time in the fresh air and sunshine, head outside for a bike ride together. Whether you prefer leisurely rides to town, racing down the road or climbing up dirt paths, it’s a great way to get your heart pumping and spend QT with each other and Mother Nature. It’s hard to get bored of the constantly changing scenery -- or the view of your significant other’s sexy, muscular behind in front of you.

    Other workouts to attack together: hiking, kayaking, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing

  3. Low-Key Lovers

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    If the intensity of, say, a spin class is enough to wipe you out for the season, maybe you need to take a more Zen approach to getting fit: yoga! It’s the perfect way to burn calories at the gym -- and heat things up at home. (All that bending and stretching certainly can’t hurt things in the bedroom.) And, oh yeah, it also helps build strength, is a great stress reducer and puts you in a good mood. Plus, studies have shown that all that mindfulness you cultivate during yoga class can spread to other areas of your life, including the dinner table. Yup, studies show that yogis tend to eat more healthfully.

    Other workouts to attack together: Pilates, hiking, kayaking, swimming

  4. ADD Duos

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    Get tired of the treadmill after about five minutes and the elliptical after two? Can’t sit still long enough to last through a yoga class, and find hiking way too low-key? Boredom is a common reason for quitting a fitness routine, especially for those in need of constant stimulation. So couples who easily lose interest should look for workouts that constantly mix things up and throw in plenty of surprises to hold their attention -- which boot camp is guaranteed to do. During this intense, nonstop workout, you’ll challenge your body and your mind as you sprint from jumping jacks to crunches to pull-ups to push-ups, all while scorching hundreds of calories and building lean muscle. And you certainly won’t get bored -- you’ll be too busy just trying to keep up with the rest of the class. All that hard work will pay off big time: Boot camps are popular for their very noticeable results, and encouraging each other to get through the class (no easy feat!) is a great way for couples to grow closer.

    Other workouts to attack together: kickboxing, spinning, Tesuto (an intense workout combining dance, military training, martial arts and plyometrics that’s basically the Japanese version of boot camp, available at select Crunch Fitness locations), Core Fusion (get class locations and schedules, or purchase Core Fusion workout DVDs, at ExhaleSpa.com)

  5. Couples on the Brink

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    Cohabitating more difficult than expected (to put it nicely)? Does the slightest offense (an extra 30 seconds in the shower, waiting until the commercial to take out the garbage or just breathing in your partner’s general direction) sends you two to battle? Living together is an adjustment -- the bickering doesn’t necessarily mean you're headed for couples' counseling. Maybe all you really need is a chance to let it all out -- in a controlled environment, like...a boxing ring! A supervised spar can be a great way to let out resentment over past offenses without reliving them for the millionth time, so you can start again fresh. Before you go all, “Oh, but I could never throw a right hook at my sweetie,” or “I can’t possibly fight a girl,” save your bull for someone else. Some of the things you said to each other last night stung far worse than a jab in boxing class (where, by the way, you’ll be wearing plenty of padding).

    Other workouts to attack together: tae kwon do, kickboxing, jujitsu, Tae Bo, karate

    Now that you've found the right workout for you two, why not try one of these top couple sports?

    But before you head to the gym, make sure you're not that annoying couple at the gym.