6 Great Guy Traits That Are Now Super-Annoying

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Ever feel so annoyed with your spouse that you don't know where to start? Don't get me wrong, it's not as if you don't appreciate your partner. But it is amusing to think that his once-endearing qualities now have the ability to drive you up the wall. (Remember when you actually thought his off-key singing was cute?) See if you recognize any of these adorable traits gone somewhat annoying:

Then: His ability to drop facts about any and everything left you wondering why the hell he never tried out for Jeopardy.
Now: Another football fun fact? How nice. No, you don't know who Joe Namath is, and no, you most certainly cannot recall the name of that one guy who was the first pick in the '98 draft, thank you very much.

Then: He unapologetically (and adorably) spent entire car rides loudly singing along to your mix CDs.
Now: You can only tolerate so much off-key Katy Perry before you consider how badly it would hurt if you jumped from a moving car…

Then: Between his shy personality and willingness to let you lead the conversation; he reeled you in with that whole tall, dark and mysterious thing.
Now: Sure, shy is cute. But having to carry a conversation with friends whenever you're out for drinks can be just a little exhausting.

Then: Spontaneous white-water rafting? Yes, please. An impromptu weekend trip to the Poconos for some mountain biking? Sure, why not?
Now: For the love of God, can't a girl have one weekend without any plans other than answering the door when her Seamless order arrives?

Then: You always loved his ability to consistently have dinner on the table whenever he knew you had a hard day at the office.
Now: Chicken…again?

Then: You nicknamed him Mr. Get-the-Party-Started since he's always the first on the dance floor.
Now: You solemnly swear that if he steps on your toes one more time during Sweet Caroline, you're going to reciprocate it with a swift kick to the shins.

Fess up: What's the one thing your partner does that drives you absolutely insane?

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