6 Things to Do Today Now That Spring Is Officially Here

first day of spring
Photo: Antonis Achilleos / The Nest

Today is officially the first day of spring, therefore, today is the day when you can finally stop giving your puffy parka the evil eye and sleep easy knowing that sandals and sundresses are in your future. So what's on the agenda now that March 20 is here — besides hiding the hot chocolate mix and packing up your snow boots?

1. Don't go crazy on winter sales.

You might find a gorgeous cashmere sweater that's 80% off (and you've got to have it), but don't go overboard. You'll be swapping bulky sweaters out of your closet to make room for lightweight dresses and skirts soon, so focus on purchasing items that are perfect for the upcoming weddings and springtime events that you're going to.

2. Stake out prime outdoor dining spots.

Food just tastes better outside, especially when it's brunch on a mild day and you can enjoy your eggs benedict and mimosa(s) without being wrapped up in a scarf indoors. Take notice of all the cafes in your town that are rolling out their outdoor tables and chairs, and toast to spring with an outdoor happy hour.

3. Get a pedicure.

Are your toes ready for spring? Now that you can finally say hello again to your pretty peep-toe heels and sandals, make sure your feet get proper attention. After all, they were stuffed into thermal socks and boots for about five months.

4. Toss all winter treats.

Don't make your sweet tooth live in the past. We love chocolate just as much as you do, but if you still have Christmas or Valentine's Day candy lying around, it's time to get rid of it to make way for Peeps. Especially if the candy has a holiday wrapper or came in a snowman-themed gift basket.

5. Make sure your margarita glasses are in good shape.

With spring comes the opportunity to make fun and icy drinks with friends, so make sure the margarita glasses and sangria pitchers in your kitchen are crack-free. Mugs just won't do anymore.

6. Get your social calendar in order.

Spring is meant to be enjoyed outdoors, so make sure you make plans to enjoy the weather now before the sweltering heat of summer kicks in. Art events in the park, canoeing and outdoor concerts? Done, done and done.

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