6 Tricks To a Better Night's Sleep for Couples

Having a hard time sleeping with someone snoozing beside you? No need to kick out your bedfellow or get separate beds. Just follow these simple tips and you’ll be on the road to dreamland.
  1. Have Sex Before Bed

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    One word: orgasm. The big O is medically proven to relax your body, so try getting into the habit of engaging in a little nighttime delight -- before shutting off the lights, of course.

  2. Use a Pillow Barrier

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    If tossing, turning and elbowing are the problem, invest in a body pillow and place it between you two. You’ll each stay on your own side and be able to wiggle around to your hearts’ content.

  3. Go to Bed at Different Times

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    If he snores, or you tend to practically kick the sheets off the bed while you’re trying to fall asleep, then whichever of you is the problem sleeper should go to bed about 15 minutes earlier. That way, the more sedate slumberer can get to sleep without cramping the other’s style.

  4. Plug Up Your Ears

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    It may sound funny, but if you’re dealing with a partner who constantly snores, it makes sense to buy some comfortable earplugs -- ones that are made especially for sleeping.

  5. Use White Noise

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    You know that subtle background noise you hear in, say, an airplane? White noise is a combination of sound frequencies that tends to drown out other noises in the room that are keeping you awake -- like nighttime snores, sniffles and heavy breathing. It’s a small investment that makes a huge difference.

  6. Invest in a Memory Foam Mattress

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    If all else fails and you’re willing to spend some serious money to get a good night’s sleep, buy yourselves a memory foam mattress. The memory foam conforms to your shape, so the entire mattress won’t leap when your significant other decides to roll over to his right. Essentially, you won’t feel each other’s movements -- unless you’re spooning, of course.