6 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel More Grown Up

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We all know how you get to this point. It's not one huge bad decision, but a series of small questionable ones that end up with you sleeping on StarTrek sheets in a twin bed with a broken Ikea nightstand that you inherited from an old roommate. Let's all agree that it's time to change. Make 2016 the year for a grown-up bedroom. Here's how to get it, courtesy of the NousDecor team.


Start with the bed. If you are more than 16 years old, then you should not be sleeping in a twin bed. Upgrade to a queen; it will give you all the size you need in dimensions that will fit most bedrooms.

Create a headboard. There is nothing sadder than a mattress pushed up against the wall without a headboard. Now, it does not have be a fancy carved wood affair. There are many DIY samples you can find. Or something as simple as a quilt hung on the wall may work.


Bedding should not be ignored. Buy the best quality that you can. Stick with all cotton with a high thread count. I would rather you buy one set and wash it gently to make it last, although two sets is the ideal. But go for quality over quantity.

Side tables are the next layer to add. Once again, these can go from simple to complex, but try to first determine your needs. Are you someone with a lot of “stuff"? Then drawers may work for you. A visual person? Then maybe a table with everything displayed is right. Just remember to keep in mind scale and silhouette.


Two words: Table lamps. These can be all over the map. If you are on a very tight budget then a store like Lamps Plus will have lots of options under $25.00. If this is your target range, keep it simple, and pick a fun color that will add a splash of personality to the room.

Inject your personality. The last element is to find a way to express yourself. I think that family photos are best displayed in the bedroom, also artwork that is truly meaningful to you.

Looking to age up your bedroom style? We can help with that too. Team up with NousDecor on a bedroom redesign and we promise to make those StarTrek sheets a thing of the past.

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