9 Weird Home Decor Items We Secretly Love

candy containers
Photo: Jonathan Adler
With these interesting items, you’ll instantly add character to your home -- just be prepared for a few raised eyebrows.
  1. Look Sharp

    Photo by Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Nest

    These magnetic hooks, um, cut right to the heart of storage issues in the kitchen, bathroom or home office.

    Knife magnet hooks, $45 for set of 5, SupermarketHQ.com

  2. Drink to That

    Photo by Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Nest

    Step away from your keyboard and meet three instant conversation starters for all your coffee breaks at work. When at rest, these dishwasher-safe eight-ounce plastic cups sit in a tray made to resemble a circuit board.

    Ctrl-Alt-Delete cups, $10 for set of 3, ThinkGeek.com

  3. Weird Science

    Photo by Courtesy of the manufacturer/ The Nest

    This whimsical mechanical switch plate reinvents electricity in any room every time you flip the wood-and-brass lever; plus, it easily fits over most standard switch plates.

    Toggle switch plate, $40, UncommonGoods.com

  4. Roe Deer Games

    Photo by Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Nest
    Made of beech wood and designed in Europe, this fanciful deer head is the most artistic and animal-friendly way to mount a prized trophy on the wall.

    Vlaemsch Roedeer (simple assembly required), $135, AllModern.com

  5. Sidesplitting Storage

    Photo by Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Nest
    Keep your meds organized -- and surprise any nosy guests poking around your bathroom -- with this sassy, brightly glazed stoneware. Or use it in the kitchen as a playful cookie jar.

    Ceramic Prozac canister, $88, JonathanAdler.com

  6. Light Bright

    Photo by Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Nest
    Crafted from solid wood, this quirky lamp can sit on a desk or be mounted on a wall.

    Block light, $150,VoosFurniture.com
  7. Zip It

    Photo by UncommonGoods.com/ The Nest

    Store candy (or even your keys!) in this quirky hand-blown glass zipper bag.

    Unzipped Glass Zipper Jar, $18, UncommonGoods.com

  8. Funky Fridge

    Photo by UncommonGoods.com/ The Nest

    Each vintage magnet is made from a record (remember those?) and lists six oldies from celebrated artists such as Steve Miller and Motown.

    Set of Six Record Magnets, $18, UncommonGoods.com

  9. Stick That in Your Pipe

    Photo by JonathanAdler.com/ The Nest

    Keep this funky match holder on your mantel or near a set of candles—it’s functional and a great conversation starter.

    Pipe Match Strike, $42, JonathanAdler.com