62 Ways to Add Color to Your Home

Punch up your pad with these colorful tips and tricks.
  1. 1. Play Up Your Focal Point
    Paint one wall a peppy Kelly green and position a sofa up against it.

    2. Organize the Fragiles
    Display your margarita glasses by color. See how much easier it will make your next cocktail party!

    3. Hang Some Inspiration
    Accept this window of opportunity to hang a fire-engine red and teal striped shade. You'll gain a natural boost from the sunlight hitting those oversize, preppy horizontals.

    4. Arrange Plants Together
    Skip the florals and line up a trio of succulents in colorful pots. Let them step in as the centerpiece.

    5. Framed!
    Ta-ta to the traditional wooden ones. Choose a poppy purple finish to show off your favorite snapshots.

    6. DIY Your Dream Bed
    Can't fit the canopy in your cramped quarters? Upholster a headboard with a chic geometric fabric for instant glam.

    7. Wear Your Shades
    Dig deep within one color, like red, and reveal all of its sides. Brights, lights, pinstripes and paisleys mesh well together.

    8. Fake a Bigger Space
    Skip construction (remember: you're on a budget!) and pick lighter shades for expanding your digs.

    9. Line Up the Linens
    Avoid fussing over towel territory by claiming a color. He gets navy; she takes periwinkle.

    10. Pull It All Together
    Spruce up a flea market find with colorful knobs. Mix and match pieces for that one-of-a-kind look.

  2. 11. Hit the Border
    Ditch the walls and treat the baseboard or molding to a new coat. You might even get this done with sample cans.

    12. Flaunt Your Seasonal Style
    Toss last year's holiday décor and deck your halls in a single hue. Get festive with fuchsia.

    13. Welcome the Outdoors
    Thanks, Mother Nature. Lay down afluffy, moss green flokati rug.

    14. Double Up
    We're all one (color) family. Let accents share a space. Connect with color and spice it up with circles and floral motifs.

    15. Cast the Cool Colors
    Dreaming of a Caribbean cruise? Get kinda close by decorating with cool colors like blue, gray and violet. Best for quiet spots like offices, bedrooms and bathrooms.

    16. Work the Warm Colors
    Wanna get fired up... or just liven up your space? Welcome in the shades of the sunset. Yellow, red and orange excite the senses and are prime candidates for social spaces like kitchens and dining rooms.

    17–20: Color Wheel
    Primary Colors: Blue, red and yellow. Each is completely pure; once mixed, they're the basis for every single color in the spectrum.

    Secondary Colors: Orange, green and violet. Create these secondary hues by combining two primary colors.

    Complementary Colors: Colors sitting right across from each other on the color wheel. Think blue and orange.

    Analogous Colors: Based on bordering hues on the color wheel, this scheme involves a wider variety of colors, some contrasting and some not.

  3. 21. Punch It Up
    Partner a dark console table with uplifting sidekicks. Paint the wall a deep sea blue and add lipstick-red accents.

    22. Get Stopped in Your Tracks
    A neutral kitchen gets a punch of pizzazz with a brightly striped runner.

    23–27. Rule for Applying Color
    Stick to 60-30-10

    Ditch 50/50

    Balance the bold

    Develop a color scheme

    Play it safe

    28. Mix and Match
    Don't cop out and buy the predictable pairing. Surround the kitchen table with aqua and butter yellow seats.

    29. Open Your Eyes
    Blue skies are getting bluer! The forecasts are calling for even more purplish-blue hues for 2009.

    30. Paint the Floor
    Add a coat of fuchsia for a new vibe. Talk about fancy footwork!

  4. 31. Splash Some Color
    Cook up some hot kitchen action. Tile the backsplash a bright turquoise or tangerine.

    32. Changin' It Up (All the Time)
    Treat your wavering ways to a dose of decals. Apply and remove these stickers in a flash.

    33. Style Around a Fave Piece
    Love your blush pink damask sectional? Choose the pillows, throws and rugs with that in mind. Nail that picture-perfect look.

    34. Commit Halfway
    Cover just the back of bookshelves with a cobalt blue liner.

    35. Do Your Homework
    Think hard about how your office should look. Stack color-coordinated file boxes to keep your study looking, well ... studious.

    36. Meet in the Zen Zone
    If orange excites you, then prohibit it from entering the bedroom. You should save the energetic shades for the den or great room.

    37. Flaunt Your Taste
    Let food play the stylist's role. Eggplants, artichokes and limes make an eye-catching arrangement.

    38. Get Hung Up
    Texture will add another layer of style. Suspend a silk shantung sheer behind a lilac and lime drape.

    39. Put Art to Work
    Dying for an aubergine wall? Don't wimp out like last time. Pull the room together with a print that accentuates your background rather than competing with it.

    40. Light in the Right
    Go contempo with your fixtures. Opt for the robin's egg blue sconces or a sharp, regal blue chandelier. Shine on!

  5. 41. Welcome a Bright Spot
    Sure, first impressions do count. Break out the brushes and paint your front door a shocking shade of cherry red. Come on in!

    42-43. Decorate and Display
    Dewey, we do love you, but we'll save your system for the real libraries. Take open shelving by storm: Stack books by size and spine color. Line up vases and vessels by their tinted glass hues.

    44. Swap a Shade
    Don't settle on what comes with the package. Sub the white and coordinate with your hot pink bedding.

    45. Steal the Spotlight
    You have our permissionto make this a one-man show. Cover one wall with a fave print for maximum impact. Bonus: It costs a lot less!

    46. Aim High
    Forget about the stark white ceiling. Reach for new heights and paint a mod circular design.

    47–54: Great Power Couples
    Turquoise and Apple: An electric fire-and-ice combo that's bound to shake things up.

    Mocha and Celery: This delicious duo teams up for a warm and delicate setting.

    Cobalt and Cloud: Blue rules. Uncover all of the fab shades that this color can offer.

    Citrus and Cocoa: Chocolate has met its wingman. Bring a bit of light to this rich hue.

    Navy and Kelly: The ever-so-popular preppy pair that's never gonna be outdated.

    Lemon and Charcoal: Mod steel takes on a sunnier disposition when it meets a sweet shade of lemon yellow.

    Tangerine and Rose: Call it a comeback. We're rooting for this cheerful tag team that's the perfect pick-me-up.

    Amethyst and Fuchsia: Discover the rich jewel tones. These brilliant buddies complement without the overkill.

  6. 55. Brush Up Your Bathroom
    Jump-start your morning routine! Lift an all-white bath with a curtain in a ruby and mandarin floral print.

    56. Expose Your Crafty Side
    Fabric swatches and fave paper scraps can pinch hit for framed photos. Batter up!

    57. Wake Up a Waiting Area
    Make a grand entrance and set out a red bench in the front foyer. Extra seating will come in handy here!

    58. Make Your Bed
    Do it up with the duvet. Use white eyelet in spring and red gingham for fall.

    59. Putting on the Glitz
    You can't wear all your accessories at once. Set out strands on the vanity so you can admire them 24/7.

    60. Organize the Mail
    Tend to the bills at your leisure but keep it all in order. Separate letters in a color-coded catchall. She gets hot pink; he gets yellow.

    61. Casting Call
    Oh-so-easy. Pop in a bright blue bulb and see things in a brand-new light. Talk about a mood-lifter!

    62. Sit on It
    Sick of staring at that brown oak dinette? Some simple padding will do the trick. Spice it up with a few coral-toned cushions. It's a heck of a lot comfier too!