7 Totally Free Date Night Ideas

man and woman sitting on truck on beach
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Spend quality time with your favorite partner in crime -- without spending a dime!
  1. Watch the sun set...then go stargazing

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    How long has it been since you’ve watched the sun set? Or laid back and peered up at the stars? Stargazing is an uber-romantic activity for two (even the word itself is synonymous with swooning), whether you have binoculars or not (but if you do have them, even better). Pick a clear evening to snuggle in the grass in your yard or a local park -- or to lie on your roof with blankets and pillows. Google and download a guide to the constellations, and -- once the sun sets -- make a game out of identifying them. Keep an eye out for shooting stars!

  2. Head to a museum or art gallery

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    Do a little digging to find out whether any of your local museums or art galleries offer free admission on specific days of the week or month. And many will keep their doors open after-hours on certain nights, so ask about extended hours as well.

  3. Turn your home into a dance club

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    Remember your single days, when you’d think nothing of letting loose in a room full of sweaty strangers and eardrum-blasting beats? Stage your own nightclub -- minus the crowd, the bouncers and the never-ending lines -- by creating a funky playlist, pushing the furniture against the walls and having a dance party at Chez Living Room!

  4. Let the games begin

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    You know all those board games you keep on hand for parties? Minimize the competition -- and amp up the fun factor -- by having a game night just for you two.

  5. Attend a free outdoor concert

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    In the warmer months, particularly in the summertime, plenty of cities and towns hold free local concerts, usually in a park or in a grassy area that’s perfect for an evening picnic. Do a little research, locate a free show, pack up your picnic basket and enjoy the live soundtrack to your super-sweet date night.

  6. Make it a movie night

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    There are plenty of ways to watch a new release without going to the movies or renting from Netflix. Head over to your local library and rent a recent flick, or log on to Hulu, where plenty of current films are available to stream for free.

  7. Pedal through a fancy neighborhood

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    Sick of the same-old scenery? Hop on your bikes and head over to a neighborhood known for its lavish mansions, lovely architecture or gorgeous gardens. You’ll break a sweat while taking in the beauty of your surroundings. Don’t forget to stop here and there to take in the beauty of your time together too.