7 Easy Ways to Get Quality Time Together in the Morning

couple in bed with breakfast
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A couples guide to waking up on the right side of the bed (and staying there!).

Turn off the snooze so you can rise and shine with one of these tips for including quality time a deux in your morning. You may not become a morning person, but you'll feel less guilty about catching up on the DVR at night.

Serve Breakfast in Bed
Don't use birthdays and gushy holidays as the only excuse for breakfast in bed. The most important meal of the day is that much more fabulous when it's unexpectedly whipped up and served by your personal at-home chef. Even the most ho-hum oatmeal suddenly seems special when it's delivered in bed. Doing the dishes earns bonus points, and if you're feeling extra-creative, French toast is more fun in your unmentionables...or out of them!

Commute Together
"Commuting" and "fun" are not often found in the same sentence, but planes, trains, and automobiles are more ente/rtaining when you're with the one you love. Make the car ride anything but a bore by taking turns creating a playlist with each other's favorite songs. Not only is carpooling better for the environment, it saves money! If you're a bus rider or subway straphanger, consider trading in your ticket for a bike or sneakers and pedal or hoof your way to the office together.

Do the Daily Crossword
Bask in the silence of morning and enjoy each other's company over the daily crossword (perfect for the "don't-talk-to-me-until-I've-had-my-coffee" type). Studies show that crossword puzzles help improve both memory and concentration. Brew a pot of your favorite breakfast blend and get to work on becoming a wordsmith (psst -- real crossworders use pens). Newspaper crosswords become increasingly difficult throughout the week, so you'll be able to take your time and work your way through the most challenging one on Saturday. It's up to the two of you whether you decide to share answers.

Exercise Together
You've gotta do it, so why not do it together? Work up a sweat by taking a jog sans iPod or hit the gym together. /Become each other's personal trainer to help motivate one another. A little competitiveness can't hurt either. Working out early will improve your energy throughout the day and jump-start your metabolism. Too hardcore? A simple stroll around the neighborhood or a morning yoga session to make you say om. Downward dog is actually pretty sexy.

Hit the Coffee Shop for a Morning "Meeting"
Stop by your favorite coffee shop and spend the first 30 minutes of your day actually talking. Linger over coffee and a pastry to discuss the morning headlines, upcoming plans, and to-dos that you"re too tired to tackle in the evening. Make this your most important meeting of the day.

Play Top Chef
Channel your inner Julia Child in the a.m. by prepping dinner together. There's no need for turn out a fancy boeuf bourguignon. Throwing a few simple ingredients in the slow cooker allows you to come home to a delicious-smelling meal and nothing left to do but enjoy each other's company (you can even set the table!). Not that ambitious? Pack each other's lunch. Throw in your sweetie's favorites and add real utensils with a cloth napkin. Don't forget the love note!

Set the Alarm Early for an a.m. Romp
Don't let morning breath keep you from an early roll in the hay. We guarantee that you'll be in the morning mood by sleeping in the buff. And don't bother getting dressed until after you've showered together. Don't be surprised if your coworkers mention your unusually glowing complexion.