How to Cook a Whole Chicken in a Rotisserie

Rotisserie attachments - whether used in home ovens, countertop appliances or outdoor grills – turn meat over a heat source so the meat cooks slowly and evenly in its own juices. This type of cooking results in tender, juicy meat with less hands-on attention than other methods. Rotisserie appliances have different operating instructions for setting heat and operating the rotisserie, but the basic instructions for cooking a whole chicken on a rotisserie involves how the chicken is trussed for cooking -- the way it is attached to the rotisserie.

    Rinse a whole chicken with cool water, including inside the cavities, and pat it dry.

    Season your chicken inside and out with your preferred seasoning and spices. Consider placing garlic gloves inside the chicken and combining salt, garlic, paprika, butter and lemon juice and rubbing it onto the skin.

    Place your chicken on the rotisseries skewer or skewers. Insert the skewer so the weight of your chicken is distributed evenly.

    Tie the legs of your chicken together with cooking string or cotton string over the skewer, and tuck the wings under the body of the chicken.

    Insert the skewers into the rotisserie mechanism, and make sure they are snapped in place securely.

    Position the pan under your chicken to catch drippings.

    Cook your chicken on medium heat for 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Baste it with the drippings, if you'd like.

    Check the internal temperature of your chicken with a meat thermometer. The temperature should read 180 degrees Fahrenheit for a completely cooked whole chicken.

    Remove your chicken from the oven and from the skewers, and place it in a serving dish. Let your chicken stand for about 10 minutes before slicing and serving.

    Things You'll Need

    • Chicken, whole
    • Rotisserie skewer
    • Seasoning
    • Cooking or cotton string

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