8 Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Home

color palette
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Why stick to boring beige when you can pump up your pad with a kaleidoscope of color?
  1. Into The Blue

    Photo by Quentin Bacon

    Just because it's bleak outside doesn't mean you can't cheer up your space! Why stick to boring beige when you can pump up your pad with a kaleidoscope of color?

    A splash of cobalt on the walls will make white cabinetry and framed photos pop. Instantly!Balance out the brightness with accents on the warmer side, like a mod orange vase or fresh veggies in a centrepiece bowl.

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  2. Green Scene

    Home offices are all about efficiency, so their colors should be anything but sleepy! Keep the energy level up with a combo of high-contrast hues like apple green, orange, and espresso. Multicolored file folders and a funky chair cushion add even more eye-catching appeal.

  3. Orange Crush

    Create an inviting entryway with a rich tone like orange that begs to be noticed the moment you walk through the door. Painting the opposite wall another warm shade like deep yellow creates depth (hint: adding a wall mirror enhances the effect). Also, play with patterns. A scrolled rug and floral furniture complement the color scheme without overpowering it.

  4. Red Revolution

    When it comes to your bedroom, think back to your Crayola box. Bright red creates drama, even if you paint just one wall. Don't be afraid to add splashes of black with pillows, bedding, and lampshades, or even on the headboard paneling. You might cringe at the idea of pairing red and green, but the right shade of moss will really mellow out the look.

  5. Run With It

    Get stopped in your tracks. A neutral kitchen gets a punch of pizzazz with a brightly striped runner. Even on white walls and cabinets, a few vibrant countertop accents really amp up the room's color pallette.

  6. Aqualicious Lounge

    Photo by Ellen Silverman

    Tying two tranquil colors like aqua and celery together creates a serene living room look. Unite your two major color players in a graphic-print rug for even more visual interest. Trick: Paint your walls a slightly lighter shade than one of the dominant colors. It'll echo the vibe without looking too matchy-matchy.

  7. Rainbow Bright

    Who knew books and tchotchkes could make such a stylish statement? Grouping similarly hued objects brings focus to a cluttered bookcase. Stagger your boldest colors on key shelves, like the top, bottom, and middle, leaving neutral space in between. You can also create this look on a windowsill, console table, or nightstand.

  8. Prints That Pop

    Dying for an aubergine wall? Don't wimp out like last time. Pull the room together with a print that accentuates your background rather than competing with it.

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