How to Cook Hot Dogs on a Cooktop Range

Hot dogs work well with a variety of preparation methods, including grilling, steaming and boiling on the stove top. The stove top method is a fast way to cook hot dogs when you don't feel like heating up a grill. Since you are able to prepare a large number of hot dogs using the boiling method, it is an ideal way for serving a crowd quickly. Serve the boiled hot dogs on buns, or cut them up to mix into other dishes, like macaroni or beans.

Step 1.

Fill a pot with enough water to allow the hot dogs to boil freely. Leave some room at the top of the pot to allow for boiling water so it doesn't spill over the top of the pot.

Step 2.

Heat the water over high heat on the stove top. Allow the water to come to a full boil.

Step 3.

Drop the hot dogs into the boiling water carefully. Avoid splashing the hot water from the pot. Let the water come back to a full boil.

Step 4.

Place the lid onto the pan. Turn of the burner underneath the pot.

Step 5.

Let the hot dogs cook in the water for five to seven minutes. Test the hot dogs by pulling one out of the pan. It should be steaming hot to ensure it is safe for consumption. Another method to check the hot dogs is to use a meat thermometer. The middles should be at least 160 F.

Step 6.

Pull the hot dogs out of the water using a pair of kitchen tongs. Let the water drip off of the hot dogs before placing them on buns or mixing them into another dish.

Things You Will Need
  • Pot

  • Lid

  • Tongs

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