8 Ways to Turn Leftover Halloween Candy Into a Decadent Dessert

chocolate halloween bark
Photo: The Curvy Carrot

Stuck with piles of M&Ms and Milky Way bars? To put that candy to good use (and to keep it from going stale) we've found some fun ways to turn your leftover loot into a decadent dessert for your Halloween party guests.

  1. Rolo Cake

    Photo by Cookies & Cups

    This gooey butter cake by Cookies & Cups is topped with our favorite (and often forgotten) chocolaty treat -- Rolos.

  2. 3 Musketeers Cupcakes

    Photo by Cookies & Cups

    This light-and-airy candy bar makes a delightful cupcake topper--get inspired with this idea from Cookies & Cups.

  3. Whopper Cookie Bars

    Photo by Shugary Sweets

    What to do with this retro candy? Try Shugary Sweets' rich-and-chocolaty bars.

  4. Better Than Anything Butterfinger Cake

    Photo by Chef-in-Training

    Moist yellow cake from a box is topped with whipped cream, caramel sauce, and crumbled Butterfinger candy to make this crowd-pleasing cake.

  5. Milky Way Krispies

    Photo by Sweet Basil

    Nutella, Milky Ways and Rice Krispies come together to make this indulgent treat.

  6. Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

    Photo by Picky Palate

    These rich cookies come together with just two ingredients: peanut butter cups and an egg.

  7. Chocolate Malted Whopper Cookies

    Photo by Brown Eyed Baker

    Crispy Whoppers add just the right amount of crunch to these chocolate cookies.

  8. Chocolate Halloween Bark

    Photo by The Curvy Carrot

    Use chocolate and peanut butter candies to make this sweet party favor from The Curvy Carrot.