A New Take On a Fourth of July Fete (With Grilled Pizza!)

Maybe it's the smell of the sun screen, the sparkle of the lightening bugs, or the lazy days spent on the lake, whatever it is, summer is here & we couldn't be happier! The quintessential summer holiday is 4th of July and we've rounded up our top entertaining tips to make sure the holiday weekend is fun, filling, and relaxing!

It's no fun to be running around all weekend playing 'hostess with the most-ess,' so let us help! Follow these 5 easy rules and we promise, you'll be grilling, sunning, and cannonball-ing into the lake without a care in the world in no time!



If you are hostessing some kind of get together this weekend, the key is to plan ahead & plan smart!

Is it adults only? Stock your freezer full of ice (always grab an extra bag...or two) and load up on some different types of beverages.

Having a kid friendly party? Move the breakables up & ensure that everything you serve on is kid-friendly (i.e. if it breaks, you won't be heartbroken).

Maybe you're doing a fun potluck? Expect that your sweet Aunt will bring the weird casserole no one likes & that the quirky uncle of yours will bring his weird "homemade" queso. Plan ahead and pick up a few "in case of emergency" platters of food or snacks. No one wants to be running to the story before the fireworks or miss any time in the sun. So expect that there might be a few wild cards on the table & plan accordingly.



Wasn't that basically step one? Yes & no! Whenever you host a party, people are always asking "what can I bring?" While it's rude to turn them down, suggest that your guests bring their favorite beer, fixings for sangria, or a favorite lawn game. That way, your guests don't feel empty handed and you get to cut down on a trip to the store when the beer runs out.

This also allows you to focus on the main event - the grill! I don't care what anyone says, there is nothing like grilling out on the 4th of July. This year, we are keeping it easy & kid-friendly by whipping up some grilled pizzas. We like this because it allows for everyone to customize their own (hello picky eaters!) and the mess is minimal. Plus, it's easy finger food so people can eat and mingle as they please.

Not a fan of pizza? Try skewers, drumsticks, or wedges of fruit on the grill!



Entertaining for a big group can get a bit pricey. The cost of food, drinks, and entertainment can all add up! This year, we are opting out of store-bought decorations and making our table more festive with flowers and food instead.

Set your table with a pretty blue or red table cloth (white is a little to risky in this setting), grab some peonies from your front yard or festive flowers from the store. Pro tip: use blue plates for serving as it makes food look more appealing to the eye!

See what you've got around the house or make your own decorations! Don't stress, no one is there for the festive center pieces, we all just want to get together and have a good time!



It's America's birthday after all, so why not celebrate her! Comb the aisles for American-made beer, grab some ingredients at your farmer's market (the more local the better, right?!), and go all out.



Hosting a get-together, let alone a 4th of July bash, can be hectic, so we want to take a little pressure off & say “who cares?!" Don't have the mile high patriotic centerpieces this year? Don't sweat it. To us, these holidays are all about celebrating the people you love & being thankful for the men & woman that got you here!