Add Warmth at Home With DIY Copper Curtain Rods

Try this simple DIY and make copper curtain rods to add warmth to your home.

I saw this gorgeous bathroom a few weeks ago and was immediately enamored by the copper piping. If you remember, brass was on trend and I think copper might be the metal tone of spring.

Thanks to the move, I have been itching for a good DIY! So, I headed to my (new) Home Depot and figured out this really simple, really beautiful copper pipe curtain rod DIY tutorial.


In order to make ONE FULL curtain rod you will need the following:

+ 1 Junior Cutter (super easy way to cut pipe)

+ 2 Elbows

+ 2 One inch metal (hence the Junior Cutter)

+ 2 Male Adapters

+ 2 Flange (you can spray paint your flange to match the pipe, but I liked the mixed metal vibe)

+ Copper Plumbers Pipe


Step One:

Figure out how long you need your curtain rod to be.

My windows measured 3 feet wide and I wanted my curtains to pull back from the window a foot on either side. This meant that I needed 5 ft. of copper pipe per window.

Typically copper pipe is sold in 2, 5, and 10 ft. long pipes, so if your window is longer just pick up a T joint, an extra male adapter, and an extra flange.

Step Two:

Take your 2ft. piece of copper pipe and cut off your extra bits using the Junior Cutter.

I wanted my curtains to come 2 inches off the wall, so I cut two 1″ pieces of pipe per curtain rod. The second inch is added by the length of the male adapter and elbow fitting.

Using the Junior Cutter is super easy and kind of fun. Mark the pipe at 1″ (or wherever you want to cut), then place the pipe in the cutter, tightening the cutter snug against the pipe. Turn the cutter a full rotation, tighten the pipe again, turn the cutter a couple of more rotations, tighten the pipe again, etc. You'll notice the tiny blade starting to cut the pipe – just make sure the pipe is snug in the cutter.

Once it's cut through the pipe will pop off & the whole process maybe takes 45 seconds.


Step Three:

Take your male adapter, extra bit, and flange and assemble your support system.

The male adapter screws into the flange and the extra bit fits into the male adapter. Once that is all assembled, slip the elbow on to the extra bit. This creates a little cubby for the pipe to fit into snuggly.


Step Four:

Measure & Install!

I measured where I wanted my curtain rod to go (centered and all the way to the ceiling for a more dramatic effect) and grabbed our power drill (18V). Our walls are a plaster & dry wall mix so the drill worked perfectly. If you have cement walls, you will need more heavy duty drill.


Once the rod was up I popped an elbow off and slipped my curtains on – just like a normal curtain rod.

Want to see the finished look? Visit my Instagram for some dreamy curtain shots!

Each curtain rod cost maybe $17. I used a fancy flange because I like the color better so my cost was a little higher, but if you chose the less expensive flange each rod would come out at around $10. AMAZING!

This DIY was super fun, super easy, and thus, super awesome! A crafting novice would whip this bad boy out in an afternoon – promise.

I would love to see your copper curtain rods – tag @laurenkelp or leave me a comment with a link to share your project!