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Anna Watson Carl The Yellow Table
The New York-based blogger spills on her kitchen secrets. For more food news, visit TheNest.com

After experiencing the effects of the recession firsthand in 2009, former magazine editor Anna Watson Carl began a career in food with the launch of her blog, The Recession Cookbook. Flash forward five years and the New York-based cook has a new focus -- The Yellow Table -- a collection of simple, seasonal recipes paired with to-die-for dinner party inspiration. Meet your new favorite food blogger:

Your usual breakfast:

AWC: Sprouted toast with almond butter, honey, and sliced bananas. And some coffee with milk.

Your ideal kitchen soundtrack:

AWC: Jazz! I love Diana Krall, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, John Coltrane, Billie Holliday, and Miles Davis.

Guilty pleasure(s):

AWC: Dark chocolate. Croissants. Good bread. Pizza. Bubbly. Pumpkin doughnuts. Chocolate Chip Cookies. (I love carbs, if you can't tell!)

Kitchen utensil you can't live without:

AWC: Microplane.

One food you could eat forever:

AWC: Bread.

Indulgence you're currently craving:

AWC: Mast Brothers Chocolate. (Actually I'm eating some now!)

Last meal on Earth:

AWC: Champagne. Oysters. Lobster Roll. Kale Salad. Molten Chocolate Cake.

Recipe you cherish:

AWC: My family's suet pudding recipe – it's been passed down through the generations and we eat it for breakfast every Christmas!

Recipe in The Yellow Table that best reflects your personality:

AWC: Naan pizzas with ricotta and shaved asparagus: it highlights my love of carbs J and my desire to make dishes that are quick and simple enough to whip up last-minute for company, but that are also fresh, pretty, and at least somewhat healthy!

Any recent recipe fails?

AWC: I recently tried to reduce the sugar in my pumpkin madeleine recipe, and they just did not taste as good!

What's your go-to 20-minute-or-less dinner?

AWC: Kale salad. I usually make mine with shredded red cabbage, grated carrots, quinoa, avocado, shredded rotisserie chicken, and lemon vinaigrette. It takes 10 minutes to make – I usually just stock up on several of these ingredients from the Whole Foods salad bar and keep them in the fridge for quick lunches or dinners!

One ingredient you could do without:

AWC: Mayonnaise.

One ingredient you can't stop using:

AWC: Lemons!

What advice do you have for people learning to cook for themselves at home?:

AWC: Truly – practice makes perfect. The more you cook, the better you'll become. I know that advice sounds so boring, but it's true!

Anna Watson Carl The Yellow Table cookbook

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