A Delicious Breakfast in Bed is Your Anniversary Solution!

Make the most of your first year anniversary with these stay-in ideas for the modern couple.

Your anniversary is coming up and all of a sudden you start noticing ads for tropical vacations, expensive jewelry and big, grand gestures of love. Panic starts to sink in and you begin to feel anxious. You love your spouse but a vacation just isn't in the budget this month nor is a big, extravagant gift. Don't worry! Brush that anxiety to the side because we are here to show you how to throw a beautiful, intimate breakfast in bed for your better half today.



Anniversaries are about celebrating your love, they don't have to be boastful or grand, just sweet, honest, and thoughtful. What better way to celebrate that love than with an intimate day together?


First step, clear schedules! Take a day (or morning) off work, get the kids a babysitter, whatever you need to do to have a blissful, uninterrupted morning – do it. Quiet time spent with your sweetheart is so special, so block the day, put on that “out of office," and indulge in a little alone time.


Step two, round-up breakfast essentials. Your husband loves your pancakes – great, whip up a batch. You love his waffles, perfect – make those too! Don't forget to plan ahead! Run by the store to grab the makings for a perfect breakfast the day before. Make the morning that much easier by having everything you need, ready to go!


For this breakfast in bed, we chose simple, savory lox served on a bagel with cream cheese and garnished with capers and dill.


Step three, don't forget the champagne! I don't care what anyone says, nothing kicks off a celebration better than a glass of bubbly. Put it in the fridge overnight and pop the cork for another good year while you and your honey make your celebratory breakfast.


Step four, celebrate! Exchange cards, kind words, favorite stories, love letters – whatever makes sense for the two of you. Anniversaries are an amazing thing, so celebrate accordingly!

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Photography by Constance Higley