The Most Annoying Super Bowl Party Guests

Friends watching tv
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You've got the chips, dips and booze. But are you really ready for some football? Make sure to avoid inviting these annoying Super Bowl party guests. Or if you are one, consider hosting your own get-together (so you can be as annoying as you want).
  1. The Overanimated Yeller

    “YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! WHAT KIND OF CALL WAS THAT?" is probably coming out of this one's mouth every second, in between guffaws and standing cheers (knocking over your drink). Just. Sit. Down.

  2. The “Shhh the Commercials Are on!” Guest

    Not a bit shy to yap during the game, this one then screams for everyone to shut up when the commercials come on, grabbing for the remote and turning up the volume to ear-blasting decibels. There are generally two viewing responses: a hearty “That sucks!" or a louder-than-imaginable laugh that leaves you wondering what was was so funny.

  3. The Question Asker

    Every year, same story—there's always one person in the group yelling out questions every five seconds. "What's that call mean?" “What team are you cheering for?" “Why's everyone booing?" “Who won last year?" and on and on until you're not even sure you're watching a football game as much as you're participating in a trivia contest (and losing).

  4. The Not-Really-a-Fan Fan

    This one takes the cake in our book. It's okay to not be a fan of either team playing, but pretending you are and coming dressed to the nines in team garb? Not okay. Own up to the fact that you don't know anything about either team and you just really wanted to wear green today. If you don't, your never-washed, brand-spanking-new T-shirt kind of gives it away (not to mention the wrong answers to simple team questions like, “Who's their quarterback?").

  5. The “But My Team is Better” Fanatic

    Hey, we're all about sticking to your guns and rooting for your team, but coming dressed in your team's jersey and giving 800 different reasons why your team is better than the ones playing (even if it's holding down an 0-16 record and has the worst defense ever)? Annoying. Drink a brew, watch the game and hush.

  6. The Grub Mooch

    Game? What game? This guest only seems to see the spread. They munch, chomp and guzzle everything in sight, leaving little in their wake. And hey, it would be fine, except they brought nothing to add to the mix, and they pass out from a food coma, taking up valuable couch space. Save everyone the annoyance and pig out at home. (Or come after...we'll still be eating.)

  7. The Oblivious Game “Watcher”

    Contrary to seemingly popular belief, one of the biggest draws of a Super Bowl party is, um...watching the game. If you're not into it, that's cool, but please don't ask us about our home remodeling plans while we're watching our team go for a touchdown. We're a bit distracted.