It’s Outdoor Party Season! Get Backyard Decor Inspiration Now

See eight gorgeous backyards to see the little details you can steal as you spruce yours up for outdoor party season.

After surviving a winter that seemed like it was never going to end, we've finally (thankfully!) entered outdoor-party weather. We're obviously ready for barbecues, lawn games, and alfresco dinners... but are our backyards?

While it's probably too late in the game to do a complete outdoor renovation, there are plenty of little things you can do to get your yard and deck in shape for friends, family, and fun. Check out these gorgeous backyards for inspiration, and take your favorite decor ideas to apply to your own home.

  1. Sit Down and Relax

    Contemporary backyard deck
    Photo by Zillow

    ​Comfortable seating is a must when it comes to creating a relaxing vibe in your backyard. Whether you're enjoying a peaceful moment by yourself with a good book and glass of iced tea or entertaining friends with a delicious meal and cocktails, try to choose furniture that's not only cozy but can brighten up your yard, like these contemporary pieces.

  2. Fire It Up

    Fire pit in backyard
    Photo by Zillow

    ​There's just something so warm and inviting about a fire pit. Can't you just imagine spending hours with your friends gathered around this making s'mores and solving all of life's problems?

  3. Feel Light

    Romantic outdoor table
    Photo by Zillow

    ​It's amazing what twinkle lights can do to the atmosphere of a yard as well as a dinner party. We're loving this set-up and would definitely want to be a guest at this table. Can you pass the wine, please?

  4. Brighten Things Up

    Rooftop patio
    Photo by Zillow

    ​Just as lighting made the atmosphere in the last photo, you can see that it also changes everything in this one. Looking for more of a moody, party-like vibe? Try a funky color like they did in this modern rooftop space.

  5. Cook Like a Master

    Barbecue pit backyard party
    Photo by Zillow

    ​Is it really a backyard party if burgers and hot dogs aren't involved (or, you know, veggie burgers and grilled corn….)? The only proper way to cook up some yummy warm-weather food is with an outdoor grill.

  6. Set The Table

    Backyard party long table
    Photo by Zillow

    ​Having a long table in your backyard is great for group dinners and small intimate parties. It's a good way to bring everyone into the conversation, not to mention an efficient way to keep the chips and dip in one place.

  7. Get Pretty

    Rose arch in backyard
    Photo by Zillow

    ​Is your landscaping ready for guests? Plant colorful flowers, tame the wild bushes, etc. It's little details like this that can have a major impact on the overall impression of your backyard.

  8. Aim to Entertain

    TV in backyard
    Photo by Zillow

    ​OK, we're not saying every backyard should have a big-screen TV, but you have to admit this is pretty cool, especially for sporting events and movie nights.