Creative Lighting Ideas for Your Dinner Party

paper lanterns
Photo: Pinterest

You learned how to give your dining room chairs some flair last week, now it's time to talk about lighting! Instead of using the same old lamps or overhead lights every time you entertain, why not change things up? It's easy to do on a budget, and new lighting is a great way to give your room a unique, updated look. Check out my favorite ideas--and let me know what you think!

Paper lanterns will look anything but cheap if you focus on finding options made with chic patterns and textures. Make sure to purchase a few, as they look much better clustered together than alone. You may even opt to mix a few sizes together to create a more layered look. (Avoid mixing colors unless you are purposely trying to achieve a kid-friendly look.)


Make your favorite lamps a point of interest by incorporating them into your table decor. For a round- or square-shaped dinner table, one lamp will do; if your table is rectangular, use a pair of lamps to create a symmetrical design. Use a lower watt bulb for a more intimate ambiance.

Have a pretty backyard? Hang lanterns from an overhead tree and in clusters on the ground around the dinner table. You can even create a pathway to your party with hanging lanterns as well!

Rely on your holiday string lights to save the day. These inexpensive lights in all white work for any season, and look surprisingly elegant, when delicately draped above a simple table setting (indoors or outdoors).

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