Give Your Dining Room Chairs Some Flair

how to spruce up your dining chairs
Photo: Tracy Taylor Ward

You mastered the basics on centerpieces last week--now it's time to learn how to give your dining room chairs some pizzazz (without breaking the bank!). Try these easy looks by mixing a few things you already have with some new budget-friendly items.

Photo: Life Loving Londoner

Step 1: Use your living room chairs in place of your dining room chairs! Or if you are lucky enough to live in a location where outdoor dining is an option, you can even bring them outdoors if the weather allows for it.

Photo: Outdoor Living

Step 2: Embrace your surroundings. For a nature-inspired party, use old tree stumps as dining stools. If you are feeling especially crafty you can spray paint them gold or a vibrant hue for an unexpected pop of color.

Photo: Caitlin McKinnon

Step 3: Consider how formal or casual you would like your party to be. If you're going for ultra glam get-together, for example, drape faux fur fabric over your dining chairs for a luxe look. One yard will be enough to cover the seat--no need to purchase throw blankets.

Photo: Camille Styles

Step 4: In lieu of dining chairs, arrange cozy pillows around a beautifully decorated coffee table. Note: This should in no way resemble the overly casual “eating by the TV" routine you may occasionally get into!

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