The 2017 Bedroom Trend You Need to Know

Photo: Au Lit Fine Linens
This year is about getting the best sleep you’ve ever had.

I think we can all agree that sleep is completely underrated, but that's about to change. Joanna Goodman, CEO of Au Lit Fine Linens, has predicted that this year will be all about getting the best sleep you've ever had, on the comfiest and fluffiest bed you've ever slept on. We sat down with her to get the scoop on this year's biggest bedding trends.

Going Minimal

Twenty years ago, bedding was all about quantity. Multiple different sized throw pillows, quilts and duvets–anything to make the bed look as fancy as possible. “It's getting more and more stripped down, really minimalist, almost, I don't want to say masculine, but the way a guy would make the bed", Joanna says. Now the typical bedroom has a more neutral color palette and is centered around a minimalist look. Instead of using a lot of decorative bedding items, dress your bed down with a simple throw at the end and a decorative pillow.

Zero Care Movement

Now, not only can your linens be minimal—they can also be less put-together. Joanna refers to it as the “Zero Care Movement." "There's no more ironing. Linen used to be for people who liked a really crisp look. Now, we're embracing the wrinkles," she says.

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